Museum of the Renaissance Era

Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions


Da Vinci wanted people to be able to float down from great heights and not have any serious injuries. The lack of a harness on the parachute suggests otherwise. In his notebook it is shown that the parachute would have been built with pyramid shaped framework consisting of seven meter long wooden poles with cloth over it. The parachute would have been 90kg, putting the person in danger during landing.


Da Vinci sketched this contraption that theoretically would work similar to an airplane, called an ornithopter. An ornithopter was shaped similarly to a bird and had wings that flapped when the pilot turned a crank.

City of the Future

Da Vinci sketched this idea during the Black Plague and theorized that something about cities made them even more susceptible to disease. His design had the city built on several levels, and all of the waste was kept on the lowest levels with moving water canals to take it away from the city. Water would be distributed throughout the city through hydraulic systems that resemble current day plumbing systems inside the buildings.

Aerial Screw

The aerial screw was made to work similar to a current day helicopter. The "blades" were to be made of linen and when they spin fast enough, lift off the ground. The air pressure building up underneath the "blades", forcing the aerial screw upward. It is believed that this invention would have not worked.