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May 2021

Fayette Central Mission Statement

The staff of Fayette Central believes that all students can learn given quality educational programs and a desire to learn. Through a cooperative effort that involves the family, school, and community, Fayette Central will provide a safe, educational environment which promotes learning. We will prepare students academically and socially to function as independent, productive citizens and life-long learners.

Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Our year is quickly winding down. Many of our teachers have fun and engaging projects so our students end on a high note. Our kindergartners have been doing research projects on their favorite animals, third grade is doing a living history museum, fifth grade is learning about how our economy works and using Playdough to model their goods and services and sixth grade is learning about the world through their country research projects. Parents of sixth graders and kindergartners will also soon be learning of their end of year celebrations before they move on to their next stage of education.

We have been in the midst of our year end testing and greatly appreciate the parents that have rescheduled appointments and vacation conflicts so their children have not missed testing with their classmates.

Overall, thanks to Covid it has been an unusual year but I am so grateful that we have been able to hold classes everyday live in the building. Our teachers and other staff members have done an amazing job of adapting and improvising and we all look forward to a more "normal" year next year. Thank-you to all of our families for all your support and kind words this year. Our hats are off to you for your willingness to rise to all the challenges right beside us!


Mrs. McCarty, Principal

Upcoming Events

Kindergarten Celebration- May 28

Last Student Day- May 28

Miss Stanley's Art News

I’m sure all of my students hope we return next school year without the social distancing and disinfecting. We did a few mask projects and portraits without masks just to remind ourselves what life could be like. It has certainly been a challenge as an art teacher with so many students moving through the art room each Monday and Tuesday.

Just want to remind everyone that first semester focused on art lessons in two dimensional media like drawing and painting. Second semester introduced lots of 3D art media and creating 3D effects in our drawings. The biggest challenge for all students was the fact that we missed almost half of our practice in these units last school year. We are working on building skills in sculpture and fiber which means we had to move some projects up a grade level or two. This semester has challenged everyone in perseverance and problem solving.

Kindergarten and first grade have made some nice sculptures with Model Magic clay. Second grade is currently working on paper cutouts of chickens made from woven mats and recycled art projects. Third grade is trying to complete a special surprise so I cannot give you any additional information at this time! Grade 4 is wrapping up a hand puppet made from a glove. 5th graders recently finished weaving a basket and grade 6 has had a few challenges creating a set of buildings using one and two point perspective. Several classes will work with air dry clay before the school year ends. I am looking forward to new opportunities to improve our observation skills while exploring a variety of new art experiences next school year!

Mrs. Hardy's Music News

Our Music teacher, Mrs. Hardy is passionate about her music classroom, and her students seem to be just as excited as her to learn about music too! In music class, students focus on the seven fundamentals of music: melody, harmony, form, rhythm, timbre, tempo, and dynamics. Therefore, all students learn how to read music notes/the music staff, how to keep a steady beat, and of course how to play some super cool instruments. Students even get to practice their awesome dance moves from time to time as well. Reading music, playing instruments and movement are key factors in a child’s music education as music is not only about playing the right notes and rhythms but also about the experiences we create while learning, performing, listening and moving.

In Mrs. Hardy’s class, students learn about the importance of music in our culture, in other cultures and in their own personal lives. They explore how music makes them feel and how it can be used and performed in many different ways. Music is a universal language across the entire world and students learn about this concept all year long.

While music class can look very different from week to week, the first week of every month is dedicated to our composer of the month. A composer is someone who writes music. So far this year we have learned about John Williams, Charles Ives, W.A. Mozart, Federic Chopin, Leonard Bernstein, Pytor Tchaikovsky, Antonio Vivaldi and Frederic Handel. For our final month of May we will start learning about an American composer named Aaron Copland.

It’s so exciting to watch all students grow as young musicians throughout the year, and I am very proud of all their hard work!

Students learn about form in music with the stretchy bands

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Mrs. Thompson's Speech News

My speech students have been working hard this year on their communication skills! From speech sounds to answering questions to learning new social skills and more, they are improving and becoming confident communicators with their teachers and peers in the classroom setting.There are many ways to continue practicing these speech and language skills at home over the summer. Please see the list below for ideas.

● Take a walk: Talk about what you see around you. Make a scavenger hunt map, prompting your child to search and label items on your list! Make up silly 1-2 step directions for your child to complete to practice listening skills.

● Make a treat: Simple recipes can target a variety of speech and language skills and are a favorite for kids. Work on following directions, sequencing or finding words/objects with the child’s speech sound in it.

● Play board games: Encourage social skills like turn taking, being a good sport, and topic maintenance when playing board games as a family.

● Read: Reading is one of the best activities you can do to promote language and literacy skills. Find books that are interesting to your child. Take a weekly trip to the public library and find new books to read together.

Whatever your plans are this summer, I hope you take time to engage with your child using everyday activities to promote effective communication skills!

Have a wonderful summer break!

Mrs. Thompson

How Am I Getting Home?Car Rider? Bus?

Please help us by making any changes in how your child is to get home after school before noon. Changes after noon make it difficult to ensure your child and their teacher are notified of the change before dismissal.

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May Lunch Menu

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Sixth Grade Digital Visit to CMS