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Franklin County 4-H News - May 2016


Whether this is your first year or last year in 4-H, we want to take this opportunity to share how glad we are that you've decided to be a part of the Franklin County 4-H Program!


  1. Pay close attention to communications from your club advisor. You don't want to miss important events, deadlines, or instructions that could impact your eligibility to participate.

  2. Pay close attention to these newsletters and updates that you'll receive from Beth Boomershine. There is always important information that is intended to keep you informed about Franklin County 4-H and Ohio 4-H events and opportunities. We promise we won't send you spam.

  3. Know the requirements for completing your project. You can find that information HERE.

  4. Keep track of important dates. Have you checked out these sources?
    Franklin County 4-H Calendar
    Franklin County 4-H Horse Information
    Franklin County Fair Information

  5. If you are taking a livestock project, make sure you get your I.D. forms in by the correct date. Check out the Livestock Requirement Summary for details.

  6. Don't forget to make your fair entries online by June 18. Ask your club advisor how to do this.
    - Please note that the 4-H program does not oversee the Franklin County Fair. We are very fortunate that the Fair Board works closely with 4-H to allow our members to be a part of such a wonderful event. They require our members to make fair entries to take part in project evaluations and contests for ribbons and awards. For the fair to run smoothly, they require fair entries!

  7. Present a project demonstration for your club. Ask your advisor how to do this. Enhance your public speaking skills!

  8. Take part in a club community service project! Use your hands to larger service.

  9. Celebrate your accomplishments! This fall, you'll have the opportunity to apply for awards that recognize you for your 4-H participation and then attend the Awards Ceremony on November 7.

  10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Take the many opportunities at events this summer to get to know 4-H members from other clubs, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and enjoy the experience as we Make the Best Better.

In the Spirit of 4-H,
Beth Boomershine & Sue Hogan

Franklin County 4-H Educators


Thursday, May 12th, 6:30pm

2105 South Hamilton Road

Columbus, OH

4-H members taking a 4-H horse project for the first time this year must attend this class only once with a parent/guardian. (Not required for Horseless Horse project.)

This is the final opportunity this year!
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Congratulations, Ohio 4-H Scholarship Recipients


There aren't many bunks left at this summer's Franklin County 4-H Camp, June 13-17. Register now to reserve your spot. Click HERE for more information.


Are you taking any of these 4-H projects to the Fair?

  • Market Rabbits
  • Market Poultry
  • Market Lambs
  • Market Goats
  • Lactating Dairy Goats
  • Market Beef (including beef & dairy feeders)
  • Market Swine

If you answered yes to the question above, YOU ARE REQUIRED BY LAW to attend a livestock quality assurance session in order to exhibit your animal at the fair. The Franklin County 4-H session dates have passed. If you missed those opportunities, it is your responsibility to find another option. A list of sessions in other counties can be found in our April Newsletter.

4-H Walk & Serve Success

4-H Center Science Camps

The Ohio 4-H Center is offering lots of science-related camping opportunities this summer. Check them out.

ohio 4-H Bike Project Day

Ohio 4-H is offering a 4-H Bike Project Day on June 4, at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center. Participants will learn how to care for their bikes, mechanics and repair, choosing equipment, riding skills, and road safety. The afternoon includes a rodeo and a bike trail ride to understand how to navigate safely.

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