Beautiful Brilliant Bolivia!

Come on, you know you want to visit this country!

Lets talk location!

Bolivia is located in Central South America and is landlocked enclosed by 5 other amazing countries including Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, and Chile.I know what your thinking landlocked meaning it is entirely enclosed by land ,but that doesnt mean that there isn't water, we still have what are called "closed seas" and they are so fun to go to. Our capitol city is Sucre which has the second biggest football and olympic stadium in the country and our climate is nice and warm during the day and nice and cool at night.

Lets talk food!

In Bolivia we eat alot of foods containing beans, corn, and potatoes which come mostly from the arrivals of our ancestors.We typically have 5 meals per day including breakfast(desayuno) , mid-morning snack, lunch(almuerzo) , teatime() , and then dinner (cena). Some of the meals you might try may be :

Chairo: beef soup, vegetables and the special ingredient chuños (chunho: dehydrated potato following and ancient andean recipe)

Carne de sol: grilled salted meat served with beans, rice and vegetables


Pukacapas: spicy cheese empanadas

Lets talk Population!

We are a multiethnic country and havemany varities of people like pre-hispanic citizens, Indigenous people,and even Asians!


Thank you to Wikipedia for the helpful information!