Perkins School News - November 2018

Monthly News for Parents

Letter From the Principal

Greetings Perkins School Families,

As we are now well into the season of fall and students have settled into school, routines should have taken shape and hopefully all of our students are feeling comfortable and at ease with their class and daily schedules.

At our open house earlier this year, we offered two sessions for parents where we shared information about expectations for students’ learning. We focused on Learning Targets and Success Criteria. Often, when children come home from school, we as parents will ask, “What did you learn in school today?” Frequently we receive the reply, “Nothing.” We suggest that you ask your child what one of the learning targets was for the day and you will hopefully get a specific answer about his/her learning. Give it a try.

As we are approaching the end of our first marking period, I also invite you to talk with your child about learning using the following questions:

· What have you done to meet your learning target? How do you know?

· What do you still need to work on? What might be toughest for you? How can you get help with that?

· What are you most proud of?

· What is your favorite thing to learn?

With Thanksgiving coming up, we tend to be thinking about what we are thankful for, so I would like to extend my thank you to all of you for sharing your children with us. We appreciate the opportunity to work with them each day to impact their academic, social and emotional growth, and we are so grateful to have you as a part of our team.

Best Regards Until Next Month,

Susan Achille~Principal

“One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children.” —Carl Sagan

Upcoming Events

  • 11/5- Bible Club Starts
  • 11/7- Board of Education Meeting
  • 11/12- No School
  • 11/14- Report Cards Go Home
  • 11/15- Math and Movement Night
  • 11/16- No School
  • 11/21-Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/22- Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/23- Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/28- Early Release Day 11:15
  • 11/28- Board of Education Meeting
  • 11/29- Picture Retake Day
  • 11/30- Monthly Assembly 9:15

Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Jessica Bittner- Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Bittner enjoyed school growing up and it started with her first grade teacher Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller was kind, empathetic, and she pushed her students to take risks. Mrs. Bittner was lucky enough to have Mrs. Miller for second grade too. Mrs. Bittner started working at a daycare when she was in high school and that is when she realized that she wanted to be a teacher. She enjoyed working with the elementary school children at the daycare and decided to go to school for elementary teaching.

Mrs. Bittner received her Bachelor's Degree from SUNY Cortland and then received her Master's degree from SUNY Geneseo. She is in her eighteenth year of teaching in Newark and has taught second grade at Perkins School for all 18 years. Mrs. Bittner enjoys teaching second graders and helping them develop in all areas of their learning. She is a member of some committees at Perkins School such as; Fall Festival, Behavior, and Field Day committees.

Outside of school, Mrs. Bittner enjoys spending time with her husband and her son Jack, who is 8 years old, taking walks with her dog Tucker, and watching sporting events. She also enjoys playing soccer and baseball with her son Jack, she loves going on family vacations to Carolina Beach in North Carolina and just relaxing.

Mrs. Bittner’s Favorites

Book: A Dog's Life and The Kissing Hand

Color: Green

Drink: Coffee

Sports: Soccer, Baseball, and Football

Sports Teams: Green Bay Packers and New York Yankees

Subject: Science

Dessert: Ice cream

Season: Fall and Summer

Staff Spotlight

Mrs. Michele Renzi - Pre-K Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Renzi was born and raised in Newark.

As a child she went to Lincoln School where she had two teachers that inspired her to want to work with children.

Mrs. Renzi graduated from Newark High School and attended Cayuga College.

She then got married and raised two sons. She went back to school and received her certification as a teacher assistant.

She was hired by the Newark Central School District in 1997 and worked at Perkins School in Kindergarten for 20 years.

She recently took a teacher assistant position in the Pre-K program.

Mrs. Renzi loves her work with the children and enjoys seeing their eagerness and excitement each day.

Outside of school Mrs. Renzi enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading and traveling.

She is an also an animal lover and has many pets.

Mrs. Renzi lives in Newark with her husband Alan, and their daughter Anna, 15. Their two adult sons, Matthew and Mitchell, also live in Newark.

Mrs. Renzi’s Favorites

Food: Lasagna

Color: Green

Drink: Lemonade

Sports Teams: Oakland Raiders, Syracuse Orange

Subject: English

Dessert: Coconut Cream Pie

Candy: Snickers

Season: Fall

Notes from the Nurse


Sometimes it can be difficult for a parent to decide whether to send children to school when they wake up with symptoms of an illness or complaints that they are not feeling well. In general, during cold and flu season, unless your child is significantly ill, the best place for them is in school where they have already been exposed to the same germs and where they are less likely to expose other more vulnerable people, like the very young or very old. Remind your children to discard used tissues promptly, not to share personal items, to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, to keep their hands away from their face, and to wash hands thoroughly and often with soap and warm water. However, there are times which it is best to plan on keeping your child home for a day to rest or to arrange for an appointment with your health care provider.

*Persistent fever greater than 100.4 orally, including a fever that requires control with medication such as Tylenol.

*Child is too sleepy or ill from an illness, like vomiting or diarrhea.

*Cough that makes your child uncomfortable or disrupts the class.

*Sore throat that is severe along with fever and feeling ill for more than 48 hours, OR after known exposure to a confirmed case of Strep throat infection.

*Honey crusted sores around the nose or mouth or rash on other body parts; OR a rash in various stages including boils, sores and bumps.

*Red, runny eyes, with or without drainage that distract child from learning.

*Large amount of discolored nasal drainage, especially if accompanied by facial pain or head ache.

*Severe ear pain or drainage from the ear.

*Severe head ache, especially with a fever.

*Any condition you think may be serious or contagious to others.

Finally, if you know your child is still running a fever, it is not a good idea to medicate them and send them to school, the medicine wears off, and you are apt to receive a call from the school nurse to pick them up from school. It is best to let the illness run its course.

If you find a pattern of your child asking to stay home from school, especially if they are falling behind, or appear anxious by the thought of attending school, it may be a good idea to contact your school nurse and your health care provider to discuss your concerns.

Remember, whenever you keep your child home from school, please call the school nurse to let them know.

PARENTS: The Information You Need!

Driving Home the Facts

Math facts are just one of those things that kids need to memorize—but how can you help them in a fun way? Here are some ideas.

· While you’re driving, call out simple addition and subtraction facts and have your child answer them. (2+4, 7+9, 5+5 etc.)

· Use flash cards – get free printable cards at

· Use interactive websites such as

· Use manipulatives like; marbles, cotton balls or food items (m & m’s, skittles, chocolate chips, marshmallows

For more information about math facts and how you can help your child, feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

Join us on the evening of November 15th for Math & Movement Night

This year Lincoln and Perkins School will be hosting a Math and Movement Night for all UPK - 2nd grade students and families.

Math & Movement uses multi-sensory learning approaches to teach students valuable skills to support their understanding of math and reading. Math & Movement recognizes that students learn through different styles so on this night students and families will engage in exercises that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements.

The learning process is more effective and easier when students exercise their bodies and minds simultaneously through educational math games, helping students retain more information. This, in turn, increases students test scores, self-confidence, and retention rates.

Best of all, kids love to learn this way!

Save the date and more information will coming home soon.

Letters to “RED” the HEARTS and HABITS Hound

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our friend RED, sometimes has trouble at school. When problems come up, he does not always know how to handle them. So, RED decided to ask the students for advice. Each month, RED will tell the students his problem in video or print form. Then, any student is welcome to write RED a letter, explaining how he could solve his problem. The letters are provided at school and can be brought home to work on as well. When they are finished, the students turn their letters in to Mr. Malchoff. This will help our students identify and practice pro-social skills in a fun and engaging way. Each month the problem will be passed along to parents in the monthly newsletter. You are welcome to help your child by discussing possible solutions and assisting as needed, with their handwriting. Have fun!


Perkins staff and RED

SHOUT OUT to the secretaries, Mrs. Griepsma and Mrs. Crowder, for keeping our school organized, welcoming and making sure everything and everyone is taken care of. We couldn’t do it without you. You are true champions!

Little Learnings

Pizza Hut BOOK IT At-Home Reading Incentive Program

This year, we are again implementing the Pizza Hut BOOK IT at-home reading incentive program. BOOK IT! motivates children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments with praise, recognition and pizza. This program runs from October-March. The efforts for getting this program going in our school stemmed from the PTA and the PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) program.

You received a calendar last week with a parent letter. Send these completed calendars back to school at the end of the month and your child will receive a coupon for a free one-topping personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut with no purchase necessary!

Pizza Hut is proud of BOOK IT! readers! The restaurant manager and team will congratulate BOOK IT! kids for meeting their monthly reading goal and reward them with a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza and a Passport to Reading and sticker on their first visit. On each subsequent visit, they get another stamp (sticker) for their Passport to Reading, another Personal Pan Pizza, and more kudos!

For more information and printable activities go to

7 habits of Happy Kids/Leader in Me:

Here is a new song your child will be learning in Music class to promote our 7 Habits of Happy Kids and Leader in me. Have some fun and practice the movements and sing along with your child!

7 Habits of Happy Kids Song - There's A Leader In Me

Perkins Elementary School

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