Hit and run

MLB history

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Where it all started.

Baseball was founded in Cooperstown, New York by Abner Doubleday in 1883. Who then became a civil war hero.

The rules of when it first started.

The rules of baseball were believed to be started by the New York Knickerbocker baseball club. They made rules that we still have today like the play on a diamond shape field having the foul lines, and the three strike your out rule, and that you have to tag them or step on the base to get them out. The first official game played under these rules was on June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Basic information

Major League baseball its one of the four professional sport leagues in North America. Its the oldest of the four. There is 30 teams in the MLB an American League and National league. There is 15 American teams and 15 National teams.
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