Q tip….Quit taking it personally

U…Understand that anything can be an opportunity for learning!

I…It’s okay to ask for help

C….Communicate, create, connect, collaborate
K – Keep a good support system in school (get to know the principal, assistant principal, coordinator, other teachers, office staff and custodians)


T – Take time to get to know your students and their families

I – Implement an organizational system that works for you

P – Prepare and plan (for meetings, conversations, instruction...)
S – Start collecting data right away


FORget about perfection - nobody’s perfect. Instead strive for continued learning in pursuit of excellence. Challenges are inevitable, learning from them is a choice.

Y – You will make a difference in the lives of your students

O – Optimism is important

U – Underneath all the duties (instruction, teamwork, meetings, paperwork, planning, etc.) remember yourself. Take time for you! The work you do is critical to children and families. You can care better for others if you care first for yourself.