Distance Learning Academy & ALC

Graduation Ceremony and Prom Announcement

Dear families of 11th and 12th grade students,

As we near the end of the school year thoughts turn to end-of-year traditions such as prom and graduation, and many of you are likely wondering how the high school, Distance Learning Academy, and Norse ALC will navigate those events. We are happy to report that North Branch Area High School will host an in-person graduation this spring, and is working with a group of parents to provide all junior and senior students an in-person prom.

Graduation: Sunday, June 13

We don’t yet know what COVID guidelines will allow, but the school district has contracted with a company that will allow us the flexibility to host an in-person ceremony. State guidance may require something more restrictive, such as attendance in cars, or perhaps we will be allowed a more traditional in-person ceremony. We are prepared to host an in-person event that will adhere to the guidelines, whatever they may be.

It is highly likely that graduation will be an outside event this year due to space concerns in the main gym. More information will be provided as we approach graduation, but we felt it important to be clear about our intentions now so families have a chance to plan.

Prom: Friday, June 11

NBAHS is working with a group of parents to host a junior/senior prom! The tentative date for prom is June 11. We selected this date for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, we continue to keep safety as our top priority. Due to COVID and the possible impact on the school environment, hosting prom on June 11 will prevent prom attendees from having to miss school and prevent any post-prom COVID spread. This solution respects both the need to protect the school environment and the strong desire of families and students to honor the prom tradition. And, it is likely to be much warmer in June which adds to an enjoyable event. As with graduation, more information will be forthcoming as the events near.

We are so grateful for the support and understanding we have received from families during this unusual year. Together we can make these milestones happen in a way that both respects safety guidelines and allows students and families to enjoy these traditions!


Sara Paul


Coleman McDonough


David Treichel

Principal- Distance Learning Academy and Norse Area Learning Center