CRO-Vineyards Council Update

October 12, 2015

From Char......

August Fundraiser- All invoices have been paid and small "sorry we missed a great event" contributions are still trickling in. Looks like CRO-V is very close to the $45,000 profit range. Thanks again to everyone! What a fabulous and fun event.

HS 1:1 Technology- 16 Chromebooks (laptops) were delivered to the 4th grade classrooms this week and IPads have been redistributed to the primary grades so Holly Springs is now a 1:1 campus thanks to CRO-V. Along with Donna and Bailey (kindergarten teacher) I visited Tigerville Elementary to see the Promethean Activ Table in operation. It was so exciting to see the kids using this tool in collaborative work groups. The HS table tablet was ordered this week along with a full day of professional development for the teachers. The table should arrive in 2-3 weeks and the teachers are very excited. Also, a Wii Fitness and Activ Boards were ordered for the PALS Club Tech and will be used in the physical education classes.

HS PALS-Parent As Learners Program (CRO-V and United Way Partnership)- The first PALS meeting was held September 22nd and the turnout was huge. Over 120 kids and parents crammed into the cafeteria for an orientation and pizza dinner. Club Tech childcare was provided along with PALS and Club Tech T-Shirts. Parents took an online needs assessment on the IPads purchased by CRO-V. The survey results are very enlightening. I was surprised to see that over 90% of the parents who attended have smartphones and access to the Internet. Their number one concern is safety for their children at school and on the Internet. I will be sharing survey results with you as soon as we have surveyed the majority of parents. The next PALS meeting is Tuesday, October 27th. Three professionals, including myself, will be teaching parents how to read testing results from the school, how to handle report card day, and how to be successful at a parent-teacher conference. Let me know if you would like to volunteer to help serve the parents and children their "Wendy's Chili Dinner." You can see from the pictures that the parents and families had a great time and were very grateful! Watching parents and kids walk through the school holding hands was personally very rewarding. Donna said over the last 10 years, it is the most people she has ever had in the cafeteria at one time!

Staff Development- I am attending the HS monthly Leadership Meetings and assisting the school in aligning curricula to their resources. Over 2 years ago, I placed CRO/HS/SDPC on a wait list to visit the #1 technology school district in America-in nearby Moorseville, NC. I am pleased to report SDPC and HS has been selected to attend a visitation the first week in December.

Welcome-new CRO-V Council Members Ann & Rob Ackley and Marilyn & Bill Welbourn. After their spectacular contributions to the Amazing Race they have agreed to join our team. (I think they think we meet weekly with wine.) Wrong....

How about a short (timed by Bob Giblin) Holiday Celebration Potluck meeting on a weekday in December? Maybe before the Sunday, December 6th Flotilla. Anyone want to volunteer their home?

Thanks to YOU, CRO-V is making a difference for teachers, kids, and families in Pickens County!