New Designers First Few Days

and their Mentors :)

New Designers,

Schedule a time to talk to your mentor (the person you signed up under) to discuss the following during your exciting first few days!

1. Choose a business launch date.

2. Discuss Hostess Coaching

3. Learn how to enter retail (Party Tab) and wholesale orders.

4. Discuss Hostess Rewards Programs

5. Put on your calendar when we have training calls, webinars and other events.

6. Go over Career Chart and the commission we earn on personal sales and our downline.

7. Always call your mentor first, then go up the chain of leadership.

8. Get mentors and home office important numbers and emails.

9. Find out what time you can call your mentor…no one can be available 24 hours a day. Your first point of contact is your backoffice. WE have the same resources you do. J

10. Discuss your reasons for joining Origami Owl. Map out your goals together.

11. Continue to learn, watch, and talk to your mentor. Build a RELATIONSHIP and have fun.

Please note: We love you and are so glad you are part of our TEAM. Please understand your Mentor and Uplines can not be available 24/7 even though some of us could work this business all the time. We have families, other jobs, and more just like you do.

We are here to love on you, teach you, and help support you. We wish you the very best and much success with your new business!

Want to know what we know ? J

1. Check your backoffice Every Day…At least one or two times a day. Especially at night.

2. Attend Team, Regional Meetings and Conference.

3. Watch the Monday Night Webinars from Home Office.

4. Watch the Thursday Night Training Webinars from Home Office.

5. Call in and listen to the New Designer Training available on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Carla New does this.

6. Read the daily posts in your backoffice. It goes back to the very beginning when we first started. (only read the old stuff if you want to J There is a lot there to read)

7. Go to your backoffice, Resources, print and read the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

8. Go to your backoffice , Resources, read all the New Designer Start Here Information and Policy & Procedure info under Business Materials. Get to know where the info is and read all the info under Resources.

9. Watch Webinar Playback under Resources.

10. Get a 3 RING BINDER to keep all your papers together!


Cheryl Patton

Senior Team Leader & Mentor