by Nemjhei

The X-Mas Gift

Something about music and passion.

Since my retirement more than 2 years ago with the mystical music on this planet for reasons of respect for the music, I saw no more than devote myself as an amateur to find new horizons.
The truth, I found new roads of energies, new adventures, new challenges, but I could not deny the roots, those roots that long adopted a way of life in my scheme of life.
I am back to stay.

A new stage, is not for festivities, but it would be a very nice from me, giving a nice gift to all of my friends, from the bottom of my heart and along with this my return. Trance as always, connecting people without limits.

Greetings, Nemjhei.

To My Friends...

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Within this new project a new face, please, feel youserlf Cordially Invited