September in 6th Grade

Room 225

Welcome Back!

This month has been an exciting one as we get back into the swing of the school year here in sixth grade. Parents will be receiving a monthly email newsletter so we can showcase some of the highlights of our month in room 225. Enjoy!
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Classroom Tour - Tech Style!

To learn about our classroom and all of the inner workings of the school day, the students went on a QR scavenger hunt. The 6th graders from last year created video tutorials at the end of the year on how everything in the classroom works. This was a super fun and engaging way to learn some of our very first expectations and procedures of the classroom. Check out an example below...

Good Fit Books

We follow the Daily 5 routine of literacy in our classroom. Students are required to read 20 minutes a night at home. If a child is not enjoying their book, they are encouraged to abandon the book and grab one that is a better fit. We learned how good fit books are just like good fit shoes... winter boots SO should not be work to the beach - just like a our Kindergarten buddies should probably not chose Harry Potter as a good fit book.
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Social Studies - Early Hominids

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Our first Social Studies unit is Early hominids, we even did some excavating, just like the paleontologists in our textbook.
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Thank you to everyone who donated magazines for us to personalize our Cafe Keepers (interactive reading notebooks). They turned out AMAZING and show off each and every student personality perfectly.