Different Types of Leaders

Brandon Michaelis And Cade Merchant NOLAN-7TH

Adolf Hitler

Holocaust Survivors Tell the Stories of Their Childhood

Leadership Styles:

Authoritarian: Hitler forced his twisted views on the people of Germany and forced them to help him annihilate Jewish people and other minorities in the concentration camps of the Holocaust.

Leadership Power:

Coercive: In a standard Dictatorship, If any citizen out spoke, or criticized the government they would be punished and made an example of to persuade people to obey or else.

Andrew Jackson

Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

Leadership Styles:

Democratic: Jackson made a constant effort to involve everyone in national decisions. At his inaugural ceremony the Whitehouse was ransacked because he said that “What’s the governments’ is the peoples.”

Balanced: He tried to eliminate the boundaries between social classes of the United States (Rich and Poor) while still continuing to fulfill his duties as the President.

Leadership Powers:

Legitimate: Because he was elected president of the United States of America it gave him the full posers of the Executive Branch.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech

Leadership Styles:

Balanced: He strived to end segregation between White and African Americans in the United States. While focusing to improve the equality and relations, he also practiced civil disobedience to not obstruct every day life and mis-represent its advocates

Democratic: He invited fellow African Americans to participate in a movement to end segregation in the united States of America by practicing civil disobedience.

Leadership Powers:

Referent: Because he was well respected by the African Americans of the country, they supported him and helped him achieve their common goal of racial equality

Relation to Our Lifes

What leadership conditions would you/ do you feel the most comfortable under?

I feel the most comfortable under a Democratic and Legitimate/Referent leader Like Andrew Jackson or Martin Luther King Jr. These leadership conditions would make me comfortable/ at ease because I know that there would be no way that he/she couldn't abuse his power and disregard my views on an issue. If the leader used these powers/stiles then I would know that my views on an issue would matter and that he couldn't abuse his powers.

Which leader are you the most alike? Why?

I am most alike martin Luther King Jr. Because I am a well respected member of my grade and I stride to include other people in activities I preform, things I do, and the decisions I make in my life. I also stride to help other people.