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West Des Moines Community Schools | February 8, 2020

Tigers Athletics Winter Sports

Check out the latest scores and schedules for basketball, bowling, boys' swimming, and wrestling.

Athletic Camps and Clinics

Winter and spring camps and clinics are now open. Additional clinics will be added throughout the coming months.

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Valley Hall of Honor 2019-20 Inductees

Hall of Honor 2020 Inductees

Canvas Parent Tips

With the switch to second semester, there are a couple of tasks you need “to do” to keep your Canvas running smoothly and some transitional “need to knows” to better help you understand the system.

  1. When you created your account, Canvas automatically assumed you wanted all your student’s active courses on your Dashboard. Now that we have switched to a new semester, Canvas will still automatically put active courses on the Dashboard, but if you have more than one child it might not get all the courses. To ensure all courses you want to be on your Dashboard are there you need to “favorite” the courses. Click on the following link to learn how to organize your Dashboard.
  2. Your secondary student has new courses this semester. If you nicknamed and/or color-coded first semester courses, you will need to do this again to your second-semester courses.
  3. Remember, with our new grading practices your students may be spending the first couple weeks of the semester learning new skills and will not have a grade until they take their first assessment.
  4. Are you receiving your notifications or are you getting way too many notifications? Click on the following link to learn more about the Canvas Parent Notification System.

ParentQuest Classes

ParentQuest provides a wide variety of free learning opportunities for parents and other caring adults as they navigate each child’s unique path to success in school and life.

We offer classes and resources designed for parents of both young children and school-aged children. Below are three of many upcoming ParentQuest classes offered this semester.

Virtual Backpack Community Opportunities

The following promotions are not endorsed or sponsored by WDMCS. The Virtual Backpack is being provided only to inform WDMCS students, families, and staff of other available community activities and opportunities.
Virtual Backpack

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