Online Reading Tests

To Do:
  • Create buckets
  • Print rosters
  • Print student tickets
  • Print Test Nav document from Google Drive for buckets
  • Put a seating chart in buckets
  • Provide scratch paper for each student
  • Provide pencils for each student
  • Gather working headphones
  • Plan for cell phones
  • Check your labs for problems
  • Send staff an email so that they know which kids will test & when
  • Have passes for kids to return to class as they complete their test

Make sure your ESL test administrators:
  • have their "TELPAS Reading Test Administrator Manual Grades 2-12"
  • have checked their TAMS password
  • understand how to start the online session
  • know that they need to get their buckets on test day (no materials control)
  • log all the computers on with the Test Nav login information before students arrive

Upcoming Dates

  • March 17 - TELPAS Online Reading - JH (6) & East
  • March 18 - TELPAS Online Reading - North, Intermediate & HS
  • March 19 - TELPAS Online Reading - JH (7&8)
  • March 20 - Supplemental Training Support & Calibration Set 3
  • March 27 - Campus deadline for writing samples
  • April 2 - TELPAS Rating on all campuses
  • April 3 - TELPAS Collections due to district office
  • April 6-7 - TELPAS Online Reading Make up testing (if needed)
  • April 8 - TELPAS Window CLOSES
  • April 9-10 - TELPAS Data Verification

Online Test Administrator Training Video

Online Test Administrator Training

TELPAS Rating on Campus

  • Work with your campus admin to make best plan for rating day.
  • As writing samples samples come in, make sure they meet the guidelines (if not, return to teachers).
  • Harass teachers who haven't turned in samples! :)
  • Have your collections organized by student for the raters.
  • Raters will choose the five most representative samples to include in collection.
  • Provide raters with the forms that need to be completed (appendix of Rater Manual).
  • Complete your portion of the Writing Collection Verification Checklist.
  • Make sure raters fill out paperwork correctly.
  • Have principal sign each Student Rating Roster (one per rater).
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