The Face on the Milk Carton

By: Emma Brown

First Impression

When I was reading the first chapter of this book, I was, at first a bit confused but reading through the book knowing that it was going to be intense, I started to become more aware of what was happening and that it was getting suspenseful I felt intrigued and I wanted to read more.


Janie. I think that Janie, throughout the story could not find her true identity. She was very emotional and anxious about t he situations that she was in partly because she didn't know what to do about it or how to fix the conflict. Janie's "Parents" who were actually her grandparents, Frank and Miranda had raised Janie her whole life. At least that is what Janie thinks. As I read I could tell that their past had caused a lot of problems throughout the book. It is a mystery Janie attempts to solve. I do admire her for her perseverance to find the truth.

Reeve. Reeve is possibly Janie's best friend. Reeve has always been there for her. He is a high school senior. He helps Janie get through everything and he is always on her side. I think that his past has also reflected on who he acts now. His older siblings have been valued over him which is hard but with Janie, he feels different. I also admire him and his perspective as the story moves. He reminds me of one of my guy friends! These two characters are very important parts of the book. They make the story happen!

Character Dynamic

I think that the main characters do change towards the end of the book. I can tell that they mature and they become more aware of what is goings on in their surroundings. They reveal what matters to them the most and what the care about. They also learn about themselves as the situation intensifies.

Story Line

I think that this story was very engaging because it is all a big mystery to find out who Janis's parents are, who kidnapped her, and were to find her real family. This book is a page turner and plot driven. It does not unfold quickly but it slowly focuses in on Janie's emotions, thoughts and actions. In the book, there were not very many twists and turns but there were complications. If Janie found her real parents, what would happen to the people that raised her since she was 3? I think that the plot can be pretty predictable because in the real world things like this can happen in the real world and when more people enter the situation it changes the course of the story.

Book Stucture

I think that this book is a contentious story because one event after another occurs for the same purpose in solving the main conflict. The timeline does chronologically move forward because everyone takes steps to a conclusion. Throughout the story Janie think beck to the day she thinks that she was kidnapped. There are two different view points. Janie's and Reeve's. Reeve thinks that Janie should tell her parents what is going on but Janie disagrees. The structure helps you understand what happens in an event.


One theme that I think fits this book is to not dwell on your past because you have the choice to move on or to stay with the past. I think that the milk carton is a symbol to reinforce the main idea. Some passages gave insight to what was going to happen next. Also, dialogue in the book sometimes created another problem.


I did not think that the ending was satisfying because it was leaving you in a position where the reader didn't know or understand what the main character was going to do about what had happened on the end. I would suggest maybe adding a plot twist at the very end to catch the readers attention and make it to where they wanted to read the next book.


If I could ask the author a question, I would ask, what would Janie do after she found her real family? What would happen to the people that have raised her her whole life? This book does inspire me to keep reading to find out how the mystery ends.


This novel impressed me because it had a different meaning to it. The book has made me more aware about what could happen in the real world and how people respond to it b using a fiction story to show the reader and teach them these lessons.