Gordon Strorm

Joseph's Brother

Into the life of Spider-Man

Hi my name is Gordon Strorm but, most people call me Spider-Man. You might think what an unusual name... People see me as different; not along the lines of Gods image. Yes my arms are long and boney and yes my legs are too but am I truly so bad. Who am I kidding everyone looks at me with disgust. Everyone believes people have to look a certain way, and if you're not perfect they'll waste no time acknowledging you. In my experience people that you thought loved you could betray you in seconds. I should have been the heir to Waknuk, not my no good brother. For just being different I'm the one who is punished. Words cannot describe how much i dislike my brother. I can't wait untill we meet on equal terms and we'll see who comes out on top. I believe the people of Waknuk have messed with the wrong person, I will get my revenge don't you worry.

Frank Zappa once said "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible."

This relates to the life of Gordon Strorm because all his life people have treated him poorly as if he is not human because of his imperfections. This quote is saying without being different or being unique there is no way we'll get anywhere in life. Sometimes following Gods image isn't the best for the future. We are to not look at ourselves in remorse for we are all Gods creations.
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Growing Flame

Gordon represents a growing flame because of what he says to David in the Fringes. He says "His mother loved him. His nurse was fond of him, too. So when they came to take him away he was already missing - but they'd hush that up, of course. They'd hush the whole thing up: pretend it never happened ... The eldest son. The heir. Waknuk should be mine." This shows how over so many years Gordon still has such a strong grudge against his brother and the people of Waknuk. Just how a flame grows gets stronger over time and is hard to distinguish.
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Bruised Fruit

I believe Gordon is like a bruised fruit in a bunch of perfect ones. This is represented in when it says "He stretched out his long arm, and regarded it for a moment. A bruised fruit is always looked at as disgusting and thrown out by many people. He was born a deviant but didn't know until he was four and thrown out into the Fringes just like stuff that happens with a bad piece of fruit.
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The way Gordon thinks can be compared to as intricate puzzle like a maze. This is shown in the book when Gordon plans an ambush for the hundreds of men coming to fight to get David, Petra and Rosalind. Even at that point he thinks about killing Joseph when he gets the chance; "It's quite a time now I've been hoping that one day I'd meet your father on equal terms." Thus showing how much is thought about getting back at his brother and the skill to plan his every move out.
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Tunnel vision is something many people have who feel very strongly about someone or something. In this case Gordon sees everything as himself being the victim. You can see this when he talks about fighting his brother and how he should have been the heir to Waknuk. For these reasons Gordon insists on him being right and getting revenge not letting anyone get in his way.
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A Lemon

I chose a lemon to represent Gordon because he is very bitter. He has held his grudge against his brother ever since he was sent into the Fringes. It is common for Gordon to feel the way he does. When something emotionally scaring happens as a child it affects how you grow up. His certificate was revoked when he was three or four and still many years later he has the same feelings towards his brother and the people of Waknuk. He talks about getting his revenge on his brother many times and from these moments you can see how harsh he really is.

Interior Monologue

(Exhales loudly) Finally, A chance for what's right, a chance to show they've messed with the wrong person. I'm sick and tired of the looks of disgust, the looks of being scared of me. I'M NOT A MONSTER! I was born into this world different, that doesn't mean it's my fault. Why should I have been punished; for all these years, for something that was out of my hands, something that I couldn't change. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My long arms and legs don't define me! I am the person that is going to make a name for myself, not anybody else. If people will see me as a mistake so be it, but I won't make the mistake of forgetting who they are. Just wait... I'll get my revenge and no one will get in my way. I'll send word to prepare for the fight because this is not a chance we're giving up. (Shouts outside) "Sharpen your weapons, prepare your armor; for we are at battle!" I can't waste this chance not after everything they've done. It's time for this change and we're ready for it.