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We Are Sailing Through Kindergarten!

December 18th, 2015

This week...

  • We continued learning about holidays by discussing Christmas traditions and reading Christmas stories.
  • We also had a special visit from Mrs. Donovan who is going to be helping us use our Windows Surfaces (tablets). She taught us our rules for using the tablets in the classroom and we practiced taking the tablets out of the cart and safely to our seats. We can't wait to begin using the tablets during our reading centers to help us master our skills!
  • We also began our next science unit on shadows. We discussed what we already know about shadows and what we wonder about shadows. We also went outside to observe our shadows and trace them with sidewalk chalk. We had so much fun being super scientists!


  • On MONDAY (December 21st), we will be having a pajama party with Ms. Cipriano's class. We will be joining together to watch The Polar Express! Please have your child wear pajama pants and tops to school. For safety reasons, please wear sneakers as we will still be participating in our daily recess. Thanks!
  • As the winter brings cold weather, please consider sending in pants to add to our emergency clothes bags. Many emergency bags only have shorts in them due to being put together in the beginning of the school year. Thank you!
  • The winter is also bound to bring more absences. If your child is absent from school, please send in an absent note the day your child returns. Thank you!
  • Please make sure your child’s name is on ALL homework. Please be sure to help your child read the directions carefully and check it when it is complete. Thank you for your continued support at home!

Things we've learned...

  • We learned the following high frequency words: he and for. Please review these words with your child at home.
  • We learned the following Amazing Words: den, hive, meadow, nest, stump, and tree trunk.
  • We learned the following letter and sound: Ii.
  • In math, we learned to use a hundreds chart as a tool for counting to 100. We also learned how to count by 10s and 2s.

Books we've read...

  • A Bed for the Winter by Karen Wallace
  • Sunshine and Shadows (Delta Science Readers)
  • A Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe
A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree


Big image
Frederica was our star student this week. We learned that she loves her family. She also loves to read, watch movies, and color. Great job, Frederica!


  • Please continue to bring your ID with you at dismissal. It is a School #6 policy to always have your ID with you at dismissal. In the event that there is a substitute teacher, you will be required to show identification.
  • To see more pictures from our days at School #6, check out our school page on the district website!

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