🌼 Holywood Lignum Vitae Flower 🌼


- Scientific name: Guaiacum sanctum

- Lignum Vitae translates to "Tree of life"

- Species is threatened by habitat loss and overharvesting for its wood and medicinal resin which acts as a stimulant and induces sweating. It has also been known to relieve gout, chronic rheumatism, and is used in blood-purifying compounds and as an anti-inflammatory.

- Range in very few places from Southern Florida and the Bahamas to Central America and the Greater Antilles

- National flower of the Bahamas

- One of two trees who produce a valuable wood called the Lignum Vitae wood

- Produces seeds encased in a yellow shell that are covered in a red skin

- Reaches about 23-25 feet in height with a trunk that has a diameter of 50 cm

- Typically grows in lowland dry forest or scrub and found near the coast at lower elevations

- During the fruiting period the tree may bare fruit for up to six weeks

- Has been known to live up to 1,000 years

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Ways we can save the Lignum Vitae population:

- We could preserve the Holywood Lignum Vitae species by going in and planting the trees in new locations to increase the populations.

- We could also regulate international trade for this endangered species.