Aguilar's, Martinka's, Prihoda's

Team Bulletin for March 30-April 3, 2015

Team News: Reminders

  • April 1st and 2nd we will visit EC Memorial Hospital for field trip
  • Friday, April 3rd---Easter Holiday--off
  • Friday, May 1st---Fair Day--off
  • Tuesday, May 12th we will go on our Spring Field Trip to Lake Texana

Tests This Week:

Spelling Test

Math Facts Test


Living Things:

What Plants and Animals need to survive

Social Studies:

Choices and Decisions

Spend vs. Save---classroom money and store


Division---equivalent sets

Continue: telling time, counting money


Reading: Genres--focus on expository text, Passages---proving answers

Word Study/Spelling: Identify rules for making sounds--sight word list 45 and 46;

spelling list 39

Writing: Journaling and research projects--

Grammar: Correct sentence structure, prefixes, suffixes--focus,

abbreviations, synonyms, and antonyms--contraction (with not)

Contact Information

Ms. Aguilar's email is --- conference M-Th 1:15-2:15

Mrs. Martinka's email is --- conference M-Th 12:15-1:15

Mrs. Prihoda's email is --- conference M-Th 2:15-3:15