Is torture ever acceptable

What is torture really?

the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.

Is torture neccessairy ?

Yes at times I think it is

Information is sometimes more valuable then morals, so that justifies some tortures. If lives are in stake and if its the for the good of the country It would be best to put aside morals and sympathy. For instance, what if a bomber had placed timed bombs in public places? If the bomber is captured I think torture would be necessary and justified. Put aside morality for the sake of others or you can give sympathy for the families of the lives who died from your lack of a backbone

Torture should be allowed because ...

Torture is an advanced interrogation technique that is far more effective than other interrogation techniques. Information is easily retrieved from individuals through torture. Therefore in this case, it can be justified.

As a form of judicial punishment, torture serves the purpose well. Torture is mentally captivating for both the observer and the sufferer. As the observer would understand the consequences of disobedience and the sufferer would understand the extent of which the power of the state has over him/her. The pain of the torture will also teach the sufferer a lesson that they should have obeyed authority. Everybody learns from this, therefore society becomes a better place.

The argument that torture is inhumane or cruel is laughable. Torture is way more effective then other interrogation techniques with the exception of threatening to rape/kill their wife and kids if they don't cooperate.

If the information extracted is incorrect, then you will have to torture them further or say you kill some members of their family as a demonstration of your power. If they have no further information to give, then judging by his or her crimes, the appropriate punishment shall be installed for them.

Is Torture Ever Justified?