Lineville Technology

By Emma Rose Dreier

Typing Web

The first thing my class learned about in technology class was a website called Typing Web. Typing Web taught everyone in my class to properly type; keeping our eyes off the keyboard, putting our fingers in the right spots and which fingers to move. The website let us know how long it took us to finish a practice, how many words we got per minute and what keys we had problems on. There are five lessons to work on including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons. My class worked on Typing Web a little bit every class to finish the Intermediate lessons.

iMovie Trailers

To get to know each other better and to learn how to use iMovie, my class made iMovie trailers about ourselves. My class learned how to add personal pictures and video clips to the storyboard and edit them to look nice. We could also edit our them to change the music and theme to what we wanted. iMovie let us import our trailers into camera roll so we could show each other.

Career Locker

In technology class, we used a website called Career Locker to help us be better prepared for college. Career Locker lets you take quizzes to help you find out who you are and what you are going to do after you graduate from high school. It has a A-Z list of colleges and careers so you can learn about different colleges, where they are and how much they cost.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an app on our iPads that lets us make presentations. My class learned how to use this app, then showed our skills by making a presentation about our dream job. We learned how to make our presentations short and sweet and Haiku Deck helped with that by giving limited space for typing. With Haiku Deck, you can make your own slide backgrounds by importing photos or searching online.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app that lets you make educational videos. We learned how to add recordings of our voice and draw pictures as we explain. You can add videos, pictures, audio, arrows and much more to teach your audience whatever you want to teach. When you are done, you can export your video to your camera roll.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a website that allows you to work with computer programming. There are many activities you can do on Hour of Code such as helping Anna and Elsa make patterns on the ice with their skates by typing a line of code. There are also other activities that allow you to make your own game or animated E Card. Hour of code teaches kids the fun of computer programming.

Email Etiquette

In technology class, we learned Email etiquette. Email etiquette is how to write a proper email, like if you were writing to your teacher or a boss. In a good email, you use proper grammar, like capitalizing the beginning word of each sentence and using commas and periods in proper places. Also, when writing an email, you need to make sure you address who you are writing to. Writing a proper email is an important skill to learn, and will be especially helpful when you are an adult.