Region 15 CTE Weekly Update

May 25 - May 29, 2020

All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. – Henry Miller

Alright everyone we made it to the last week of May! I truly hope you will be able to take time this summer to recharge and ready yourself for the fall. That sounds so cliche, recharge this summer. I'm rolling my eyes as I type that. What the heck do you say at the end of a school year like we just had? i don't have enough money to come up with an end of school thank you gift for my kids' teachers. No one ever stops and prepares you for what you just experienced. Like we'd believe them anyway. I have never had training in weathering a pandemic. Doubt you had either.

I wanted to honor my Pa this Memorial Day. He didn't die while serving, but he did suffer effects of WWII for many year. He passed two years ago. I do miss him.

Monday - May 25

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Tuesday - May 26

I am sorry but I really don't have anything new today. I am working on getting workshops posted but there is an approval process and it takes time. I hope to have several things to post by the first of June.

Wednesday - May 27

Hey everyone - in between TEA trainings today. Wanted to let you know I am waiting on the paperwork to be processed in order to post the following workshops for registration:

July 27 & 28: EV3 Robotics - Intro to Learning (virtual)

July 29 & 30 - Lego SPIKE Prime - Intro to Learning (virtual)

July 13- 14 & Aug 10-11 (if need) iCEV Overview of products by content area (virtual)

I am also very happy to announce a face to face welding workshop July 15-17. This workshop will not be same training, location and presenter as we have had the past several year. I sent out a more detailed email to ag and construction educators as well as CTE directors. Training will be at Cisco Junior College (Abilene Campus). Let me know if you have questions. Hope to have the registration up soon for this workshop as well.

Thursday - May 28

Hey everyone, I know these newsletter are sent out at all different times of the day. Thanks for hanging with me. I am not sure if I will continue a daily newsletter starting in June. it may be more of a weekly event. Who knows right now.

I am working on a shop safety and equipment demo day with Airgas. Will most likely be in July or early August. I will also be contacting FCS teachers to see about scheduling a networking day similar to what we have hosted the last several years. I have contacted Jared with FCCLA to see if the Student Summer Summit is still planned or if it will be virtual. I am also asking about a FCCLA Sponsor training for you all.

Friday - May 29

Well it's Friday and the last Friday of May to boot. June starts on Monday. Anyone have summer plans?

I think I have zoom fatigue. Apparently it's a condition that has developed since we all began using zoom as an alternative option to face to face interaction. But is it so nice to see your face if you do happen to connect with me on a zoom. My kids are finished with school. Today the youngest announced today is the last day of school. Wasn't really with a lot of enthusiasm just a tone of realization. My oldest is trying to build a motorized bicycle with one grandfather. He is making a prototype out of cardboard, he built a suit out of cardboard - think armor - earlier this spring. He is also working on his ham radio license to share in the hobby of his other grandfather. The youngest mastered her scooter so she is proud of herself.

I have a few updates to share with you. I am sorry it has been slow going on getting workshops up and posted. I hope you will join us either virtually or in person this summer and I hope you can take time for yourself these next few months. Please know that Region 15 is here for you.

Be well,


Texas EcosySTEM Initiative

My name is Beth Lehmann and I am the Education Service Center Region 15 Texas EcosySTEM lead. As part of the Texas Education Agency STEM initiative, the 20 Texas Education Service Centers are working with other state and national organizations to create connected learning opportunities for pre-K -12 students. The initial Region 15 STEM Newsletter will give you an overview of the STEM initiative. If you are interested in receiving the Region 15 STEM Newsletter look for the blue bar near the bottom of the newsletter.

Please visit the Region 15 STEM Newsletter.

Registration Open For the Following:



WELDING TRAINING FOR HS INSTRUCTORS - Attend in person at CJC Abilene Campus



ESC 15 VIRTUAL SCHOOL SAFETY SUMMIT **Please visit to learn more about our presenter, you really don't want to miss this summit**

Waiting on Approval to be Posted:

iCEV Ag Science (2 sessions) 7/13

iCEV Business (2 Sessions) 7/13

iCEV Family and Consumer Science (2 Sessions) 7/14

iCEV Health Science (2 Sessions) 7/14

iCEV Career Exploration (2 sessions) 7/13 & 7/14

Finalizing Details (Tentative Dates):

7/22 - AirGas (Shop Safety/Inventory/Demo)

7/27 - Getting Ready for 20-21 - FCS Networking Session