Woodrow Wilson HS Newsletter

May Newsletter for 2019/20

Woodrow Wilson High School

David Burkman, Principal & EL Director

Jim Keal, Assistant Principal

Ila Hegg, Adm. Asst.

Arati Heath, Summer School & EL Adm. Asst.

Woodrow Wilson Mission Statement

Woodrow Wilson High School will provide a student-centered alternative instructional program to allow students to obtain a high school diploma and to learn skills necessary to be productive, responsible citizens.

From Mr. Burkman's Desk....


By Mr. David Burkman, Principal

Chuck Swindoll, Irving Berlin and Lou Holtz are credited with a similar quote, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Another way of putting it is that life-contentment and happiness are within you and not what’s happening around you. During the COVID pandemic, we’ve all been greatly stretched.

I am proud of our Woodrow staff and students who have overcome the challenges of distance learning to produce some excellent results. During COVID, student GPAs have risen and day counts have been reduced as students have focused upon the business of schooling. Student’s achieving Accolades has increased. Way to go!!

Milestones. Graduating from high school is an important milestone on the journey. We are excited to celebrate graduation with a great group of seniors who are Choice (college – career – life) Ready. Our formal cap-gown ceremony plans for Friday, May 29th have been altered by COVID social distancing guidelines. Woodrow will be hosting a red-carpet diploma pick-up with senior photo and a whole lot of cheering from the Woodrow team and whoever the student brings in their graduation diploma-pick-up ride. Please note graduation revised plan on our website or later in this newsletter.

Along with saying goodbye to our seniors, Woodrow also tips our hat to two team members who won’t be on the team next year. Best of wishes to Curry for a healthy, thriving retirement that is filled with smiles and laughs with his grandchildren. Best of luck to Woods who will be bringing a part of Woodrow to his new gig in Wahpeton schools.

As we continue to navigate the COVID journey, consider how you might do much with your 90%-of-life reaction. Who will you help? How will you help them? How are you using it to bring unity in your smaller and larger circles? Who will thank you when we are able to return to normal? How is the journey making you a better person?

~ Burkman


Thank you for your patience, understanding and grace related to schooling and our graduation ceremony this year. The Woodrow team is pleased to share our COVID-adapted graduation plans that continue on our original graduation date. Since there are many limitations with a COVID-staged graduation ceremony, we are doing a staggered red-carpet diploma pick-up and individual senior graduation picture along with a Woodrow/Senior Celebration video.

Friday, May 29th

4 PM – Ongoing à A Woodrow/Senior Celebration Video link will be posted on the Woodrow website.

5:30 – 8:00 PM à Woodrow Way Red Carpet Diploma/Senior Graduation Picture at Agassiz Door #1.

o This event will be live-streamed. The link is available on the Woodrow website.

o Each graduate is able to use only one vehicle for themselves and passengers.

§ Consider tastefully adding graduation celebration bling to your vehicle.

o If a graduate doesn’t have a vehicle, he/she should report to a Woodrow staff at the parking lot entrance who will guide the student to a waiting space until it is their red-carpet turn.

o Please review the enclosed map and follow the route/spacing plan.

o At the clearly marked red carpet area, the graduate exits the vehicle in graduation cap/gown or puts on the graduation cap/gown outside the vehicle.

§ The graduate proceeds on the red carpet to the diploma and senior graduation picture area.

§ The red-carpet area will have clearly marked social distancing spaces for the diploma and picture.

§ The graduate returns to their vehicle and exits the parking lot as per route/spacing plan.

§ The next graduate’s vehicle pulls into the red-carpet area.

Each graduate will get a copy of their graduation picture later in the summer.

Pictures from the red-carpet event will later be added to the Woodrow/Senior Celebration Video.

If you have any questions after reviewing the above plan, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to celebrating our Woodrow seniors!!

Woodrow Team


Graduates & families! Please check out our graduation routes for May 29th, by downloading the following map.

Fargo Area Dollars for Scholars Recipient!

Fargo Area Dollars for Scholars Recipient

Marta Dyrstad is our Woodrow Wilson 2019-2020 Fargo Area Dollars for Scholars recipient! We are so proud of Marta and wish her a wonderful future as she continues her education at M-State in Moorhead, MN.

Fargo Area Dollars for Scholars is a nonprofit volunteer organization that provides local graduating seniors with financial assistance to help them pursue higher education. Their purpose is to provide financial assistance to students from Fargo area schools who continue their education after high school. Costs to attend college and technical schools continue to escalate, placing the dream of advanced education out of reach for many students. Scholarships awarded from Fargo Area Dollars for Scholars help make that dream a reality.

Each year $1,000 scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors from the six Fargo high schools: Fargo Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South, Oak Grove, Shanley and Woodrow Wilson. These scholarships are funded through annual donations and investment income from a permanent fund established by local donors, community organizations and businesses. All dollars are raised locally and are awarded to Fargo area students. Since 1991 over one million dollars has been awarded in scholarships.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved Accolades at Woodrow Wilson High School for the 2019-2020 school year!.

Jasmine D. Al-Jaff

Gabriella Irene Birchem

Donavin Lee Brooks

Hadley Lura Bunn

James Daniel Deplazes

Sarah (Max) Beth Dirks

Elijah Michael Gunderson

Sasha Marie Hagen

Shakara Latrice Hoffart

Lily Karel-Gillett

Sanderlie Cece Laguerre

Charley Rose Nelson

Mira (Rory) Ruby Paulson

Brandi Fay Peterson

Brooke Marie Peterson

Kristy D. Phanor

Parker William Sager

Autumn Rose Upshaw

Criterion for a student to achieve Woodrow Way Accolades:

  1. Must attend a minimum of 2 WWHS sessions (starting by mid to late February)
  2. Average a minimum of 2 course completions per session
  3. Average a minimum or 3 P/R points for the year
  4. GPA for the year at Woodrow must be at least 2.8
  5. No unresolved ICUs or Woodrow community issues
  6. Complete 24 credit diploma to graduate with Accolades

Graduate must have attended more than 4 sessions at WWHS.

  1. Advisor’s written statement(s) of recommendation

Benefits of Achieving Woodrow Way Accolades:

  1. Accolades Recognition Breakfast for student and family guests in May.
  2. Certificate/Award that represents:

- Quality Attendance

- Commendable Scholarship

- Respectful Character

C. Potential to graduate with Accolades

D. Success and a personal sense of accomplishment

E. Quality material for Job-Scholarship-College Applications

COVID-19 Resources

  • The following information is intended to support students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and any time there is a mental health need.

  • Please click on the link below for more information.

Community Resource Listing

For area services, please download the link below.

Fargo Public Schools Lunch Meal Prices for 2020-21


Elementary $1.45

Secondary $1.55

Reduced $0.00 (State pays $0.30 fee)

Adult $2.15


Elementary $2.45

Secondary $2.70

Reduced $0.40

Adult $3.50

Extra Milk $0.35

At Woodrow Wilson lunches are ordered 1 day in advance from Central Kitchen. If your student would like a hot/cold meal, please have them see the main office to order one for the next school day.

Immunization Update: 11th & 12th Graders for 2020-21

Beginning with the 2020-21 school year, a second dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) is required for students entering eleventh or twelfth grade. This means your 11th and 12th grade student will need proof of two doses of MCV4 before returning to school in the fall.

Ideally, children should receive one dose of MCV4 when they are eleven to twelve years old and a booster dose on or after their sixteenth birthday. Please schedule with your child’s health care provider or your local public health. Please have your child receive this booster prior to the start of the school year. Also, remember to bring in the documentation of the immunization date to the school.

****The student has 30 days from enrollment to update their immunizations or their classes will be on PLACED hold.

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