African Kingdoms

By: Tyler S

The Kingdom of Ghana

  • Location: The location of the Ghana Kingdom was in the north west region of Africa which is now southeastern Mauritania and western Mali.
  • Government: Monarchy was the government type of the Ghana Kingdom. The government was mainly strong, but the kingdom did have difficulties at different times.
  • Economy: Merchants helped boost the Ghana's kingdom economy. Gold, salt, and copper were the things that the merchants traded across the Saharan desert.
  • Collapse: Ghana empire had forced Awdaghast into desert. Al-Bakri's was surrounded by powerful kingdoms, such as Silas, which forced the Ghana empire to combined in the kingdom of Mali. It's main city may have been sacked in 1076–77 which may have been the reason they combined with Mali.

The kingdom of Mali

  • Location: The Mali Empire was located just west of the Ghana Kingdom and touching the Atlantic coast from 1230 to 1600.
  • Government: The Mali empire was a monarchy ruled by powerful kings, which allowed them to have a strong government.
  • Economy: Gold, Salt, and Copper were the 3 things that they traded that made the economy strong in the Mali empire. They also traded in slaves.
  • Collapse: Around 1610, Mahmud IV died and his three sons fought each other for control. No single person ever ruled Manden after Mahmud IV's death, which was the end of the Mali Empire. The Mandinka's ruled the area afterwards.

The Kingdom of Songhai

  • Location: The Songhai empire was located in Western Africa from mid15th - late 16th century.
  • Government: Songhai empire had a monarchy, with upper class society and each town had a respective government official.
  • Economy: The Songhai empires economy was based on the clan system for trade. That meant each person had one occupation that they had to work on and be great at it. They also traded between each other and throughout the whole empire.
  • Collapse: After the death of Emperor Askia Daoud there was a civil war in the Songhai empire. During the weakness of the civil war, the kingdom was invaded and conquered by the Saadi Dynasty of Morocco.