Fantasy League

Mike Lupica


The lexile for this book is 930

This book had a of great characters but the best three I like are Charlie a fantasy wiz that's why they call him brain, Anna Charles best friend who loves football almost as much as he does, and finally Joe Warren the owner of the L.A Bulldogs and Anna's grandfather. Those were my favorite characters tell me yours if you read this book.

When Charlie first meets Mr. Warren it was in his press box and it was there last preseason game for the year. Before opening day game, the start of the NFL season but you will just have to read the book to see what happened opening day.

My favorite scene in this story is when Charlie got to go to one of the practices with Joe Warren because they are becoming to be great friends. Joe Warren asked Charlie to think about how he would run the team. Charlie said he would tuff in up the defense and push the offence to do better and score some more.