The War Time Journal

The Cuban stories

The accuracy of the Cuban rebel stories are ones which are not fully told. The press seems to be lacking the full stories behind the Cuban rebellion. The New York World and New York Journal seem to only be filling the Americans' minds with the interesting things such as the reconcentration camps with their unsanitary domains and the stretched truths of courageous fighters. I believe the news should be more truthful when it comes to telling stories of other countries wars so Americans can be given proper facts. Americans will relate and back up Cuba properly when they are given the correct information. The stories will only make a citizen look foolish when having a real conversation about the issues in Cuba.

It's time to join the fight

Stand up citizens! It is time to fight with the others and make Spain repay for what they have done. The Spanish ambassador to Washington has insulted our president; by calling him "weak" and "a low politician" in his writing The De Lome letter. He has no right to speak of President McKinley in such a way. But this is not the only horrid act Spain has been apart of; they ave also taken down the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. The ship was sent only to protect American interests, but was destroyed without provocation. The explosion killed 260 and then some of innocent sailors. Such an act should not be taken lightly! We have given Spain another chance and they have spat on it. We shall have no more! So, stand up and support your country from the ignorance of others. Show them that the U.S. is not a force to be reckoned with.

War reports

I report here to inform the citizens of the events that take place in Cuba. The navy has set a blockade of Havana and in the north coast of Cuba. The U.S. Army has relied on volunteer regiment and consists of various groups including Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. The Riders are a group of cowboys and college athletes hand picked by Teddy himself. General Shafter launched his assault on Santiago, the Rough Riders have charged up Kettle Hill, and other U.S. forces fight the tougher battle on San Juan Hill. There has been a causality count of about 5,500 Americans. Despite the loss of many, the U.S. Forces continue to push forward for justice.

The cartoon with thousand meanings

The cartoon drawn here has many meanings and reasons for its publication. The artist of the cartoon was inspired by the events of the Treaty of Paris, Anti-Imperialist League, and the Platt Amendment. In the cartoon you see Uncle Sam with a business man who are standing on a parcel of land titled "U.S.", over seeing the other little islands. While lumberjack tries to cut down the American flag on the Philippines as President McKinley tries to keep the flag up. This represents the Treaty of Paris with becoming American possession and the lumberjack represents an Anti-imperialist league members who did not like the fact that America was taking over so many countries. (Especially the Philippines). And all the flags on the parcel of land titled "Cuba" represents the Platt Amendment which allowed the U.S. to intervene in Cuban affairs.