Technology at Lineville

Madelyn Peterson

Typing Web

1) Typing Web is a website that specializes in making people better typists and improving typing speed

2) It has many different typing levels and games that have to do with typing.

3) This website has many different levels with different typing difficulties.

Career Locker

1)Career Locker is a website that teaches people some jobs that they would be good at and helps you find the job that's meant for you

2) This website is a great way to choose and browse jobs

3) analyzes a list of job references based off a series of questions.


  1. itrailer is an option on imovie that you make a 1-2 minute trailer.
  2. On this app you use pictures and type subtitles.
  3. You can make an advertisement or presentation.

Haiku Deck

1) You make a presentation with pictures and words.

2) We used haiku deck to explain why and what we want to be when we grow up.

3) I can use it for multiple uses.

Explain Everything

1) This app allows you to record your voice to teach something.

2) You can write or type to help explain it.

3) Explain Everything is a great app for a teacher to use as a tool.

Hour of Code

1) Hour of code is a website that you can learn how to code in many different ways.

2) It has entertaining games to help you learn how to code.

3) You can go on it with any kind of electronic but you need to have wi-fi

Email Etiquette

  1. During this unit we chose a topic and then put ourselves in the shoes of someone who that actually was dealing with that and then we emailed mrs. Myers what we would say
  2. You learn proper etiquette
  3. We learned when to use texting abbreviations and when to use proper language.