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August Edition

Growth Mindset

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Faculty Responses to Mindset Scenarios from Break-out Session

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Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

For Parents

Reinforcing Effort

"How many times have you heard or uttered statements or felt frustrated because students didn't seem to be motivated? Most teachers know intuitively that student motivation plays a critical role in the learning process. To that end, recent research has demonstrated the roles that reinforcing effort and providing recognition play in the process of motivating students (Dweck, 2006, 2010). Many students may not realize the influence effort has on their success in school. In light of this, teachers are integral in helping students recognize that effort helps them succeed. In fact, simply teaching students that added effort pays off in terms of enhanced achievement will increase student motivation. Research supports this belief; studies indicate a link between motivation and achievement (Eccles, Wigfield, & Schiefele, 1998; Greene, Miller, Crowson, Duke, & Akey, 2004; Phan, 2009). What is this link? Motivation influences how much effort students expend and how long they persist in working on tasks, and the amount of effort and persistence students put forth influences their level of academic success (Bouffard, Boisvert, Vezeau, & Larouche, 1995; Elliot, McGregor, & Gable, 1999)."

Source: www.ascd.org

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