Donald Trump

Sierra Meyers

Donald Trump's Ideas on Education

  • He wants to cut the Department of Education way down.
  • Donald Trump wants to cut out Common Core.
  • He wants to spend more per student than any other nation.
  • Donald Trump founded Trump University to teach the art of deal-making.
  • Because Americans do not know their roots, he wants students to study their ancestry.
  • He wants schools to have comprehensive health instead of limiting subjects.
  • Donald Trump wants to teach citizenship and stop "dumbing down".
  • He wants to end "creative spelling", "estimating", and "empowerment".
  • Donald Trump also believes that school choice will improve public schools

Donald Trump's Ideas on Crime

Donald Trump's Ideas on Crime:

  • Donald Trump believes that the police are the most mistreated people in the United States.
  • He believes that blacks lives matter, but the United States need strong police in presence.
  • He thinks that capital punishment is not uncivilized. However he believes that murder living is capital punishment.
  • He thinks that the death penalty discourages like violence
  • He believes that the TV leads kids away from the correct direction.
  • Donald Trump believes to hold judges accountable, and to do not reduce sentences.

Donald Trump's Idea on Constitutional Rights, such as the Second Amendment

  • Donald Trump believes that mass shootings are due to a huge mental health problem.

  • He believes that there should be no limits on guns, because they save lives.

  • He thinks that we should keep enemies of the state away from guns.

  • Donald Trump thinks that gun ownership makes the United States safer, instead of more dangerous.

  • Donald Trump believes that laws are ineffective in preventing gun violence.

  • He thinks that gun violence is inevitable and regulations will not help.

  • Donald Trump believes to protect the Second Amendment, but address mental health.

  • He believes that we should take guns from good and bad people that have had target practice.