March to Methane

March A Mile Without Any Shoes

As the students of Principles of Management class at Valley Forge Military College, we resolve to be part of the blessing to these little ones in Mathare through “Change a life Ministry.”

With the help of the whole Valley Forge community, we will collect gently used or new kids shoes such as sneakers, flip flops, sandals, flats, etc. You can find boxes on the VFMAC campus in the ____.

These shoes will later be shipped to Mathare to the littles ones who most, have never owned a pair of shoes before.

This project is open to every student and faculty member on campus to contribute. We need everyone’s help to act make this project a success. We need these pairs of shoes. For those with no children shoes or spare shoes to donate, buying a simple $5.00 pair of flip-flops would mean the world to one of these children.

Be part of the reason why they smile with hope.