Taylor Kurer


A Veterinarian has a hard job. Some days she will be performing surgeries and others she could be just doing simple check-ups. The Vet has a very demanding job because pets are popular to have but it is a difficult job to maintain and be good at.

Work Enviroment

Vets work inside and outside but they have to be ready for anything because they work with all types of animals in all types of climate conditions.

Working with all types of people

Vets work with all types of clients and have to be ready for the worst. They could have a lizard come through the door or an elephant. You never know what you will get into in the office.
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Vets work with multiple different types of animals

Working with your skills

Vets work with a bunch of different skills that they have. They have people skills, the ability to use their head, and the physical ability to actually perform the treatments. They use their head to solve problems, their people skills when working with clients or co-workers, and their hands during appointments or surgery.


A vet earns around $65,000 a year


A vets schedule is very flexible. They work between 45-80 hours a week so it depends on how much work they have that week


I personally would like to be supervised but there is the always he option to be a supervisor


You have to specify your training in fields such as oncology or neurology


Vets need some sort of training. Their training is very long and usually lasts somewhere from 6-8 years after college.
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Why do i want to be a vet?

I want to be a vet because i love animals and am very good with them. They are adorable and i like all kinds if animals. I also like working in the labs or with the clients themselves, not just the animals.