Free Telephone Reassurance Service

Free daily medical reminder and social companionship calls

Who We Are:

Tele Care is a not-for-profit organization that provides free daily medical reminder services as well as social companionship services to senior citizens and people with disabilities, who often live alone.

How Does It Work?

To receive Tele Care’s free services a recipient must simply complete our short on-line application, telling us a little about themselves, and noting what times they would like to receive our calls. Tele Care then matches each recipient with a volunteer caregiver that manages the calling schedules and monitors the recipient’s health condition. These volunteers make daily calls to our recipients primarily to check and see how they are feeling, and also to converse with them providing companionship and social interaction.

Tele Care Telephone Reassurance Service

Tele Care is offering our services, to your community, free of charge. So, we encourage everyone to take part in our free telephone reassurance service.

Help people in need sign-up. by simply sharing our link to our online application form allowing them to sign-up and receive our free services.

Tele Care Video

Tele Care Volunteers

Tele Care volunteer caregivers are everyday people who selflessly donate their own personal time to help benefit the lives of our recipient’s, helping them achieve a more independent and safe lifestyle.