Welcome to Uranus

The giant mass made from gas

Freezing cool

Uranus, considered the planets of Aquarius, its name also meaning "the heavens" , and the name of the Greek father of the titans, and is a nice sight for the eyes but cannot really be a suitable planet to just live on. The planet is a gas planet, aka it is manly gas, but it has some liquid on it, even if we were to land somehow on the rocky core, it is 19 AU away from the sun so the temperatures could probably freeze our hand in seconds. So we must wear the new Frieza suit Z, made to not crack in the freezing temperature. Uranus almost has a diameter 4x that of Earth and the gravity can add an extra foot to a jump. The atmosphere is mainly hydrogen and helium so with no oxygen, ignoring the whole pop in space part humans can't live on Uranus without oxygen.
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Survival on Uranus

The ways we humans could survive on Uranus is very difficult to thrive on so this is why it is its on paragraph. So first, Uranus is a gas planet so first we would need to kind of devolve to not have legs and maybe some gaseous kind of lower body. Secondly we need to find a new way to breathe and eat, due to us getting very little energy from the sun, so I suggest we would eat the methane from the planet and can still use the hydrogen or helium to breath. And also we would somehow need to develop a really REALLY high body temperature or at the very least learn how to handle the cold. But if we could live on the planet many people could just live in peace with probably no other predators. But finding your way on a planet of gas can be hard to do without the Frieza suit Z so with an evolutionary trait we would need some function the salmon use to remember their place of birth or other important locations.
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What to do on the planet

Of course any visitor on Uranus get a complimentary Frieza suit Z model. On the gaseous planet there are 2 casinos, the Wongus and Jameston Casinos, lose YOUR money NOW. Take a trip to the moon Cupid, where we have bars and food joints, so stop there for some of your favorite food! Also for youngsters on the moons Titania and Umbriel we have a school on each for K-8th grade and then another for all high school students, studying topics are from the color of Uranus, to its structure of gases and how we crafted the Frieza suit Z models. So have a blast here and have some time to air out!