RTI Teaching

Math RTI: Grades 2-6

Lessons Begin March 6

Instructional materials will be provided for each leveled group to be used flexibly to remediate or enrich. These lists of lessons will begin with the recommendations provided by iReady from the Standards Mastery assessment. This is not available until the first student completes the test, so Rachel Porter will be working quickly to compile the lesson plans for you as soon as possible. Additional lessons at, above, and below grade level may be added as well. You should use the lesson sequence as a guide, but also your own professional judgment in terms of how long to spend on each lesson with your specific group, when to find an alternative or additional activity keeping with iReady concept and practices, etc. When in doubt, discuss lesson ideas with your math RTI specialist.

You'll find your sequence of RTI lessons in the spreadsheets below under the column for the group you are leading. They will start populating March 4 and should be fully available by March 5 for your first day of teaching on March 6.

These lessons will be taught 3 days per week. See the calendar above!

iReady Personal Paths

2 days per week are set aside for students to work on their personal learning path in iReady.
See the calendar above!

Moving this time into the RTI schedule should allow us to hold students to a higher level of accountability for taking this work seriously and staying focused. Please make sure that students are:

  • on task throughout their work time
  • using headphones to listen to their online tutorials
  • passing their lessons (have them show you their scores when they finish!)

Tier 3 RTI

In addition to monitoring iReady personal path lessons, iReady days can also be a good time for any needed tier 3 intervention. If there are students who are still struggling with the group's RTI lessons, this may be a good time to pull them aside for some 1:1 attention and additional work on their individual misconceptions and skill gaps.


Talk to a member of the RTI Math Leadership Team:
  • Lori Dickey
  • Rachel Porter
  • Diana Spence
  • Matt Taylor
  • Whitney Tharp
  • Katie Wilson
Math RTI Plan

January - April 2020