Story Of My Life

One An Only Sofia

My name is Sofia Rivera...

I have two other sisters,an older and a younger sister so that leaves me as the middle child. I'm almost my parents height and my parents are some what short.I used to have two dogs,a Siberian Husky and a Basset Hound,but they died..I'm mostly my dads side of the family,so I have the looks of my dads sister and i have some stuff from my mom.

What makes me ,ME

I love love love !! Music,basically anything that has to do with music ,i'm there.I love singing and some people say i sing really good.I listen to music most of my day.My favorite artist/singer is Shawn Mendes ! I like to draw,when i want to put an effort into it turns out really good.I like to play some sports for fun like volleyball with the family at the beach or something..and basketball while the grown ups cook on the grill.

School Me

My favorite subject is Band because we all act like a family one way or another and believe it or not i laugh the most in that class and the other kids look at me like im crazy.I love the fact that i'm learning more about the flute but also having a good time.

My goals for this year is to improve in my struggles and try to reach for the stars but since i'm human i have a lot of goals for myself and if i hit a bump on the road i always can try again.

My goals for the future is to..out do what i did last year...

My learning style is what i need in a classroom,all i need to learn something is to sit down and hear someone talk to me about it but also giving examples.

Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Official Video)