Nuremberg Trials

Alfred Rosenberg

Crimes, Conviction, and Sentencing

Rosenberg helped plan attack on Norway. He developed policies of Germanization, exploitation, and extermination of opponents of Nazi rule. His command provided for the segregation of Jews in Ghettos, facilitating their mass killing. On October 16th 1946 he was hung

Evidence against him

In an official German pamphlet entitled "Dates in the History of the NSDAP" which stated that Rosenberg was a member of the German Labor Party. And in October of 1919, Hitler had joined forces with Rosenberg and his colleagues, thus making Rosenberg a member of the National Socialist even befor Hitler himself.


In all honesty I belie that the sentence he was given was a bit merciful. Since he was one of the main people responsible for the death of Jews and the attack on Norway, he should have been prociquted then executed. My sugusted consequence would fit many of the Nazi's convicted of "Crimes Against Humanity" but there would be some that would deserve a more severe or less severe punishment.

By: Bryson Torres