What's in a Name?

Isaiah Wakefield

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Team information

The name of the team: Los Angeles Lakers

Country: U.S.

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Longitude and latitude: 34.0500N,118.2500w

Region: Southwestern

Languages spoken: English

Facts about region: It has the rocky mountains through it; it has a lot of different arts and culture.

Physical Features of this region: rocky mountains, Desert, and beaches.

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Nicknames and mascots

Los Angeles Lakers does not have a mascot. The lakers nicknames are "Showtime", "Lakers" and "L.A. Lakers."


The team was established in 1947. The founders are Sid Hantman, Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen. They choose Los Angeles, California for their location because their players are going to be from California. Their mascot does not have any thing to do with history. One of some of their greatest players are Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. Please watch to the end.
Magic Johnson- Greatest PG of All-Time
Kobe Bryant #8 Mix - Winner


The name of the stadium or arena is Staple Center. The reason why is because that name is a name of a business, so that will give Staple Center a lot of visitors and sells.

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