Flat Screen TV!!!

Made By: Briana Hawkins

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In this article you will be able to know where the first Flat Screen TV came from and how it was created and why you it became a Flat Screen TV,if you were wondering. Well the Flat Screen TV was created in the month of July and the year of 1964.

Who invented this...

  • Donald Bitzer
  • Gene Slottow
  • Robert willson

Describe your Invention...

  1. its sometimes is wide & its more advanced in technology and its usually comes in all black the is also flat that it is called a Flat Screen TV.

Why was the first Flat Screen TV invented?

  • It was created to replace a television with the use of cathode ray tube was acknowledge & promoted.

how many versions came before the current model?

6 models

  1. constrast ratio
  2. refresh rate
  3. pixel response
  4. CRT
  5. LCD
  6. LED


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