Jenny's Ministry Updates

Praise Report and Testimony from Jan-March 2016


Hello Family, Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Spring Time is here but indeed, it's still cold like winter here in Sangju. This Winter, we definitely had many flurries of snow and the weather is a lot colder this Winter and now heading to another beautiful season.

Like Spring, I'm so excited of what God is planning and what God has in store for us. Same as how the flower buds are everywhere and then you will see how the flowers comes out. Different colors, different shape and different types for spring harvest.

Ministry Praise Reports & Updates

Dec- January 2016


December 24th, Our 2nd Semester ended and what a great 2nd semester. 27 Student that God entrusted us and we were blessed to learn and be train by God to become a teacher that He want us to be.

I was truly grateful for this past semester because I learn some much, I got to serve this young generation and most of all, i got to know my identity in Christ deeper. He showed me greatest things beyond the things I can see. He let me experience and encounter His heart more as I serve Him. Through this experience, i got to know myself more as a minister and God's worker for the harvest and for this generation during this end times.


February 2016

KSI 3rd Generation Preparation
CFAN Winter Retreat
CFAN Weekend Discipleship
AGL Ministry, Incheon

March 2016

KSI 2016-2017 Opening Day
CFAN Weekend Ministry

Prayer Points:

Speaking/ Special Lecture at Asian Gospel Light Fellowship (AGL)

Sunday, March 27th, 2pm

Gyesan, Incheon, South Korea

Vision Conference - Philippines

Wednesday, June 1st, 5pm to Sunday, June 5th, 6:30pm

Pampanga, Central Luzon, Philippines

Central Luzon