Happy New Year

A Collective Reading for the New Year

Each year I sit down on the first of the year to invite the energy in of the year ahead. I tap in to what may be ahead for an overall feeling. I typically do this for myself, however in the past two years I have come to realize that I have tapped into the collective as well.

This year I sat down with 2022 and decided to do a collective reading for all, and share it. I am glad to say I feel extremely hopeful.

3 of Wands: The wands are action cards that are connected to the energies of the fire signs in astrology of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. All of these signs are the fire within activated to bring change and make things happen. This card is placed in the release part of the spread. The man looking out on what happened in the year behind him, hence his back to us. A year full with forcing things and trying to make things happen, that were beyond our control. Feelings of frustration and unwillingness to surrender in the previous year.

This card is also specifically connected even more so to the Aries energy, which is the firey sign known for big grandiose gestures, and tantrums for not getting their way. This is the energy we leave behind in 2021 preparing to move forward in surrender. Getting the feeling of the three wands symbolizing our mind, body and soul connections, and the battles they faced this past year, and finally being able to slowly put them behind us.

The Queen of Cups: representing what we are retain and the energy of the year ahead. I am happy to report this is a magnificent card for the year ahead. As you see the queen sitting on her thrown restoring order.

The cups in the tarot are connected to element of water, which connects to our emotions and our soul. More so the Queen of Cups connects to the astrological sign of Pisces.

In the astrological wheel we start at Aries (3 of wands above) and end at the Pisces. Further connecting that in the new year we have come full circle. We will once again connect with the emotions of the prior year, but in a more level headed manner to restore our hope, faith, and love within ourselves first. (Union of mind, body and soul) We will take the time to heal, bring forth our power in our own lives, and then collectively that will begin to spread and trickle out to others.

2022 will begin with remnants of the past within the first month or so, but as we move into the year you will feel the energy of the Queen of cups begin to usher in especially into February and March when we move into Pisces season. As we close out the year in 2022, we will be in a much different place than we started, one that is renewed with joy, love and hope for all.

With Love,


If you like this reading above, and are interested in more tarot readings for yourself, for the new year or in general. Dani is FINALLY opening back up readings starting in February. From now to January 31st, you can take off 10% of your reading.

Readings are done in the evening, and weekends

30 Minute Readings: $60

60 Minute Readings: $100

Readings are cash only, email us lilafamilyyoga@gmail.com to schedule a reading today!

Reopening plan

We are reopening on January 3rd as planned, we want to thank you for bearing with us during this surge in NYS and Long Island.

We ask that you continue to bear with us, being classes may be canceled last minute due to low enrollment, exposure or staff being quarantined or exposed. I am sure you all have spoken to someone this past week that falls into one of the above categories. We anticipate that January may be a little wonky, and are hopeful we will get past this come February.

At this time we are asking all clients to please come into the studio with a mask, and leave with one, until you get to your mat. If you choose to take it off during your practice that is your choice, if you choose not to mask breaks will always be available to you. We want to remain a judgment free zone and a safe place for all, we feel at this time this is the best way we can remain safe for all going forward.

We are implementing this to limit exposure within our facility. The CDC defines exposure as close contact for 15 minutes or longer without PPE. If you are to wear a mask in the facility and upon leaving, and furthermore were to keep it on during your practice, you would not be at risk of exposure. This may ensure that you can continue to practice and are not risking yourself of quarantine or possibly testing positive. Our staff will be wearing masks as well during the next month to limit exposure of themselves as well as you so that we can run accordingly.

As stated in our last email, we believe this will be a minor hiccup and we will be moving past all of this next month. We can do this, remember we are yogis, we bend so we do not break!.

Date Changes Ahead

Big picture

Returning to You in 2022

Friday, Jan. 28th, 7-9pm

600 Portion Road

Ronkonkoma, NY

Join Us for this powerful start to our New Year, and Return of Mystical Tribe

We can all agree the last two years have been less than stellar for most. Many of us have lost ourselves along the way. Weather it be your lost touch with your mat, your yoga practice, your mediation, your nutrition, your spirituality and so on.

2022 is all about bringing that back but slowly.

This gathering is actually a month long connection, Yes you read that right a MONTH!

Dani will lead the class in a slow gentle flow to ground us and slowly start to restore ourselves as we prepare for the new year. Followed by one to one Reiki and a mediation to clearly hone in on our obtainable goals for the new year.

The workshop will close with spiritual guidance from the angels and tarot and journaling for the year ahead.

But wait, it's not over. You will be invited into a special group on Facebook, as well as an email list, where we will have small obtainable tasks to complete each day bringing accountability to those goals, turning them into habits. Daily inspiration, daily readings, a community to connect with for support and encouragement, and the beginning stages of the journey back to YOU.

Playing off the numerology of the Year 2022, the investment of this workshop with be $42. That is $20 for the IN person workshop and then $22 for the month of connections with the community to keep us all accountable.

Register here, space will fill up fast.

This workshop will be recorded and able to be sent to those who want to still be apart of the workshop yet can not attend on January 28th. Please just notify the studio when signing up that you wish for a recording of the live class.

Reiki Trainings

What is Reiki, and why would I want to get certified? Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing, where the Reiki Practioner guides energy in the body to promote healing. Each level of attunement offers something different. Reiki 1 is an introduction to Reiki, and can be practiced for self healing, and those around you. Reiki 2 is a refinement of you skills if you wish to serve and offer to others. Master Level Reiki is the ability to attune others and train other Reiki Practitioners.

It is also a life changing experience, as you will become connected with the energy within your body to give to yourself and to others. Your vibration pull and connection with the universe is heightened and enhanced. Again this can be used as a personal tool or as a career source.

These trainings are led by Dani, who is a Reiki Master and has been practicing Reiki for many years. She often hold special gatherings at the studio offering mini Reiki Sessions, as well as private practice. From personal experience she has identified many physical and emotional disturbances in people that she has been able to aid in them working on their own healing. Dani describes Reiki "As a gift to give to others, to foster their own healing"

Come join us for any of these trainings and give that gift to yourself.

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