A South-American Country

Bolivia's Economy

Bolivia has so many natural resources, but the country is facing several conflicts with that. The country of Bolivia is actually the least developed country in all of South America. To emphasize on that they actually have laws and polices that prevent investment in economical growth.

Bolivia's History

Bolivia is a very interesting country in a historical aspect. It is the only South American country with two capitals. Technically, Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia and is home to the countries Supreme Court. In contrast, the other capital of Bolivia, La Paz, has most of the government offices. La Paz is located in a canyon called "hoyada". Sucre is located in the Andes Mountains.

Some of the Main Attractions

Bolivia's Culture

Bolivians are most commonly living in cities or towns. Though the most populate places are La Paz (Bolivia's capital) and Santa Cruz. Each of these cities are home to more than one million people.

Bolivia's Geography

Bolivia is a special country because it is landlocked. This means that it is entirely closed by land or it's only coastlines are closed seas. There are only forty-eight landlocked countries in the world, and only two in South America.