The Inca Empire

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Physical Features

Since the Inca Empire is located in the Andes Mountains, a developed system of roads lead to and from the civilization. Messengers are strategically placed along these winding roads, and their job is to deliver messages and the such. Since the Incas have only a spoken language, the messages can be remembered using a long rope, with carefully placed knots that symbolized numbers. The messenger uses these numbers as a reminder of the message he must deliver.

The Life Of A Commoner

If you were to join the Inca Empire, you would most likely begin as a commoner. You would probably work as a farmer, or possibly a herder. Your most important crop would most certainly be the potato, for potatoes can grow quite easily in the mountains, unlike other fruits and vegetables. You would also farm squash, peppers, beans, peanuts, and corn. You could, however, choose to become a warrior. If you succeed at this profession, there is a small chance that you might work your way up the social pyramid, and become a noble, specifically called a Hahua Inca.
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