Causes of the American Revelution

Boston Massacre

When British soldiers in red coats came to Boston, tensions rose high between them and the people. Insults turned into gun fire and gunfire turned into five deaths of colonists. These deaths turned into more anger towards Britain.
American Revolution Animated Kids Lesson - No More Kings - Schoolhouse Rock

Questions for the Schoolhouse Rock Video

1). How did the colonists feel at first towards King George III?

2). What is taxation without representation?

3). How did the colonists react to the King's Laws?

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Cartoon Explanation

This cartoon represents how the people reacted to the Stamp Act Tax of 1765.
Liberty`s Kids: #01 "The Boston Tea Party" (1/2)

Embedded Link Questions for Liberty Kids Video

1) What cause of the Revolution does this cartoon discuss?

2). Why did they throw the tea in the ocean?

3). Why do you think they dressed as Native Americans?