silk worms

silk worms help make tread

how to get silk off of the eggs carefully

step 1. you Boil the eggs in hot water for five min

step 2. you take a straw and brush them so they can get the fine filaments

step 3. now you spin the filaments using a hand reeling machine to get the silk

that's all for the step you need

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where do silkworms live

why is silk important to china

silk is thin but strong fiber that silkworms produce silk was invented in anent china and the world played and important role in their culture and economy for thousands of years that's why silk is important to the world and ancient china

why silk is good for ancient china

Silk is a thin, but strong fiber that silkworms produce when they are making their cocoons. It can be woven into a very soft and smooth fabric. Silk fabric was invented in Ancient China and played an important role in their culture and economy for thousands of years.

Women making silk cloth

Legend of Silk

Legend has it that the process for making silk cloth was first invented by the wife of the Yellow Emperor, Leizu, around the year 2696 BC. The idea for silk first came to Leizu while she was having tea in the imperial gardens. A cocoon fell into her tea and unraveled. She noticed that the cocoon was actually made from a long thread that was both strong and soft.
How silkworms make silk

why is silk good for the world?

Silk is important because the desire for it started trade between China and the Old World. Silk was a main staple of pre-industrial trade. The Silk Road, which stretched from China to India, Persia and Europe, linked together many civilizations. The trade fostered economic development. Various goods were traded along the Silk Road, and the trade route opened up political and economic relationships between China, India, Persia, Arabia and Europe.

why is silk bad for the world?

  • Not all that was traded along the Silk Road was good. It is thought that the bubonic plague, or Black Death, traveled to Europe from the Silk Road.
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