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Together We Can Achieve The Extraordinary 5/4/2020

Let's Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

A Japanese proverb goes as follows: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

As we begin week 7 of remote learning, and our students and teachers long for the days when they were together, we reflect on how accurate that quote is. The relationships that are formed in the school are so special. Our teachers are some of the hardest working, caring, brightest and most passionate educators in the city. They are also the most humble educators I have ever met, always thinking of what is best for the children, and relishing in each students success. Although their hearts break every day, not being with the students in person, they are doing their absolute best to recreate that feeling of their classroom. As this week kicks off, lets honor our heroes for all their hard work and dedication.

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Remote Learning= Parents as Teachers

Over the past seven weeks, we have watched kitchen tables become classrooms, living rooms become gymnasiums, kitchens become laboratories (and cafeterias) and bedrooms become libraries. Your home is a temporary school and you have been supporting your child through remote learning. Whether it is reviewing concepts, reteaching ideas, participating in parent activities, or just helping your child balance this new normal, you have become your child's home school teacher. We recognize all of your hard work, your sacrifice of time, and understand that this new normal will never be normal. The bond between a teacher and student is strong, but now we now how vital the bond is between teacher and parent. We need each other to be successful. Thank you for taking on this role and huge responsibility. Together We Can Achieve The Extraordinary!!

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Be LIke Willamina And Penelope!

Willamina & Penelope washing your hands How long is a long long time MOV
Willamina why are masks important

Field Week 2020!

Welcome to Field Week! Mr. Tripotseris and Ms. Corniel have planned an amazing week of fun filled activities! We had so much fun last year, and just because we can't be together doesn't mean we can't still have fun! We look forward to seeing your pictures completing all the fun activities!

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