Looking For Alaska

John Green

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About John Green

John Green is New York Times bestselling author. His popular books Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars have been published in more than twelve languages and he is also the coauthor for Will Greyson, Will Greyson with David Levithan. In 2007, John started a channel on YouTube with his brother, Hank Green, called The Vlog Brothers and since then have become one of the most popular channels online. More of John's achievements include being a recipient of the Michael L. Printz award in 2007 and winning the Edgar Award in 2009.
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Miles Halter

Miles is an introverted teen who moves into Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama to start a new High School life. He is timid coming into this new atmosphere but soon warms up to his crazy room mate Chip or better known as the Colonel. His relationship with the Colonel and his other peers; Alaska, Takumi and Lara are all about teaching him how to live life as a teen away from home. His new found friends introduce him to many things such as drinking and smoking as his relationship with Alaska quickly develops. But is this attachment a good thing for Miles or can it become detrimental?
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Culver Creek

Miles's new friends at Culver Creek get him into a lot of troublesome situations that defy the "Eagle's", or the supervisor's, rules. These late nights drinking and plotting pranks lead to a tighter bond between Miles and his friends but how risky can their decisions get before there are deathly consequences? Miles thinks his transfer to Culver Creek is a simple way to get a fresh start, but little did he know that what he will experience will be life changing.
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From the first day Miles arrived at Culver Creek he has had his eyes set on Alaska; a rebellious girl who seems to be everything Miles would want. One problem is she is unfortunately taken and utterly in love with her boyfriend Jake. Throughout the year Miles tries to hold in his feelings for her and accept that he will never be with her but as the emotions build between them, can anyone, even Jake, prevent the results?


"...thinking that if people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane." (88, Green)

This passage from Looking For Alaska shows a lot about Miles's character and his glorification of Alaska. In this he means that everything including himself seems to be insignificant compared to Alaska. This builds on his emotions for her and reveals how much he truly loves Alaska and how she's changed his life.


Anyone could enjoy this book but I think the main audience that would take from it are teens ages fourteen to nineteen. This is because Looking For Alaska is all about being a teen and going through the new experiences that come in that time of your life. You see the insight of not just the new and great side of High School but also the struggles and very deep emotions that come with it. Looking For Alaska takes you from the bubbly feeling of crushes to the dark remorse that can follow. Over all I think teens would be the best audience for this novel.
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5 Stars!

I did enjoy this book because it was very relatable. The emotions really reflected the different feelings that come with all new High School life and how difficult it can be to understand or even express them. I also liked seeing how Miles grows as a person throughout all the experiences he has whether it be learning from a mistake or learning to cope with school. I would give Looking For Alaska 5 stars because over all it kept me very interested and involved throughout the whole book.


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