Tiger Family Newsletter 5/24-30

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

We are winding down the 20/21 school year, and I am SO proud of what we've done this year. In spite of the pandemic and in contrast to what most California schools did, we were able to have students come to school and receive direct instruction from a teacher most of the school year. That makes a difference which will be reflected in your children's report cards but more importantly in their lifetime learning success. Though most students are not where they would have been "sans pandemic", they did show wonderful growth this year.

But, we cannot let up. We must do all that we can to shore up the foundation. I am pleased that so many of our families that were offered our Summer Scholars (one month of summer learning) took advantage of it. We have about 30 SM students who will extend their learning from June 14th through July 13th.

Also, I am excited to be able to give each student a "Summer Backpack" filled with games, flashcards, and what educators call "summer bridge" activities to give them more opportunity to reinforce math and reading basic skills over the summer.

And, finally, we look forward to returning to an in-person, full-day schedule next school year (with only Monday minimum day). Of course, all plans for the 21/22 school year are still uncertain as they depend on state and county health department guidelines, but in-person and full-day are two things I am feeling confident about. Please see the article below for more information about a home school option for those who do not wish to attend school in person.

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

Tiger Drawing Contest

We just finished our 2nd art contest (our first was a Dragon Drawing Contest). For this round, a 4th-grade team set up the challenge and gave the following parameters: it must have a background, it could not be traced or computer-generated, and it had to have stripes and 4 or more colors. Congratulations to our winners. Prizes will be delivered to the winners this week.
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Summer Camps

Here is a link to North State Parent Magazine's article on Summer Camp opportunities for children.