Vietnam Assignment

by Ms. von Holst

Summary of Readings

In this section, write the two titles of the works you chose. This should be one chapter from The Things They Carried and one poem.

Then, briefly summarize what each reading was about.

Important Passages

Here, include at least 1 important passage from each of the readings (so two total). After the passage, explain why this particular passage is important to the reading as a whole.

Discussion Question

What message are these authors trying to convey to the readers about war? What is the impact the war has on people?

Answer these questions in complete sentences. Use examples from both readings to support your answer.

Image Analysis

Explain how the image you chose reflects some aspect of the Vietnam War or the content of the readings.
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Connection to Media

Here, embed a video from You Tube that either shows live footage from the war, a clip from a movie or documentary, or a protest song from the Vietnam war time period. Then, explain what the video or song is about and how it connects to anything we discussed, watched, or read in class.
Masters of War