Howler Hub

New Teacher/Staff Edition 2

Welcome to our Staff!!

We are so glad you have joined our staff here at Cypress Creek! One of the many consistent processes we have here at CCMHS is a weekly, digital, staff newsletter called The Howler Hub! This is sent every Friday during the school year and just a few times during the summer months to keep you up to date on events. The Howler Hub that is sent out each Friday during the school year focuses on events for the week ahead. It also outlines important time sensitive information and “action required/requested” items for faculty and staff. Instead of sending out numerous emails during the week from several different administrators, we work to put information that is necessary to communicate to the entire staff into The Howler Hub. All we ask is that you read it each Friday and take any actions requested in a timely fashion. A second feature of The Howler Hub is a “Voice & Choice” link. This link is in each edition of The Howler Hub. This serves as a way that anyone can communicate a question, concern, idea, suggestion, etc…to administration. All we ask is that you provide your name so that we can work with you and ensure that you know that your voice is being heard! We are giving you a taste of that with this first Howler Hub! If, after reading The Howler Hub, you have a burning question, please click on the link and ask! We will get back to you immediately with a response! We hope this first Howler Hub answers most of your questions and gives you an overview of the Coyote Life here at CCMHS! We look forward to meeting you face-to-face this summer!

Action Required Items

Click here for Instructional Cheat sheet

Click here for Non-Instructional Cheat Sheet

View Planning Week Mini Sessions

Click here to view items for the four mini-sessions held during planning week

  • PBIS- Our Staff and Student Digital Reward System
  • PLCs- Professional Learning Communties
  • Discipline
  • Coyote Core +- Daily intervention/enrichment work

New Badge

If you are not new to the county, you will need to request a new ID badge in order to access the elevator and inside doors. If you are new to the county then you have already been processed for a badge.

Click here for instructions to request a new badge This can be done anytime.

Here is the website to go to request the badge.

Need a Substitute?


If you brand new you will need to call and register first. The phone number is (813) 773-1490. You will need to know your employee ID and the pin is the last 4 of your social.

If you have a planned absence or district training you will need to complete two steps:

1) Complete the leave request form (it will be in the requests section of sharepoint).

2) Once you receive confirmation from your administrator put in for a sub in SmartFind

and email the job code to Hannah Hall ( .

If you have an emergency last minute reason to for substitute

1) Put in for a substitute as soon as possible in SmartFind.

2) Email Diane Wakeman any lesson plans at


Throughout the year you will have opportunities to earn COMP time. COMP time cannot be used during student hours. If you plan to use comp time please select it on the leave request form and turn in your comp time slips in your administrators mailbox.


  1. 2018-2019 Committee Member List- View this to see what Committee you are on
  2. Staff Semester Duties and Duties Map- All staff members are required to do a morning or afternoon duty 1 semester a school year.
  3. School Policies- Including Tardy, Attendance, Communication Devices, Media & More
  4. Staff Responsibilities- Administrative, Media, Clerical/Office, Leadership Team and Counselor Duties
  5. Staff Phone List- You'll want to bookmark this one!
  6. Staff Meeting Schedule and Trauma Informed Care Groups for Meetings
  7. Updated Master Schedule
  8. Student discipline resources – all things discipline related (statement forms, Minor Incident Referral, referral instructions, PBIS rewards digital system cheat sheets)
  9. Sharepoint Bookmark to put in mypasoconnect dock.
  10. Syllabus Rubric

Media Center Procedures and Staff


Create a SuperSass Account:

Click here and then at the top left of the page click "Sign-In" and a window will pop up and you will need to "Create a new user account".

The document below explains what the type of resources and technology available to you. Policies and procedures regarding technology checkout.

School Motto

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School Mission

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Follow us on Social Media!

“We are proud of our students, staff and all of their accomplishments at Cypress Creek. We take pride in celebrating and sharing all of our awesomeness on social media! Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook. This summer we ask for our students and staff to tweet at us with the #TheCoyoteWay to show us all the fun things they are doing this summer in their Coyote gear! We would love for you to join in on the fun when you get some Coyote Gear!”

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Bell Schedule

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Staff Hours & School Hours

Staff Hours- 7:00am-2:30pm

Student Hours- 7:25am-1:52pm

School Hours- 7:00am- 3:00pm

The Online Spirit Store is now open! Buy some Coyote Gear!

Our online Spirit Store is now open! Click here to access the store!

2018-2019 Staff Gear from your Administrative Team

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Training and Resources


Please make sure to join the Secondary Learning Network on Canvas for Curriculum Resources.